CAIR Offers Guide To America's Civil Rights For Muslims Visiting Repressive Foreign Hellhole

US | Eric Owens
Saudi veil flag Getty Images/Marwan Naamani

‘You are entitled to courteous, respectful and non-stigmatizing treatment’ on your way to Saudi Arabia

More than 700 Mecca Pilgrims Dead In MASSIVE Human Stampede

World | Ivan Plis

Deadliest pilgrimage accident since 1990

Clock Boy Plans Detour To Mecca Before Meeting Obama

Education | Blake Neff

Will also meet with UN dignitaries for some reason

Crane Collapse In Mecca Leaves Dozens Dead [Warning: Graphic Images]

World | Steve Guest

A crane collapsed on pilgrims killing and injuring dozens

Illicit Wheelchair Rides Land Thousands In Cuffs In Saudi Arabia

World | Erica Wenig
Elderly and walk-impaired Muslim pilgrims circle in their wheelchairs around the Kaaba as they perform Tawaf at the Grand Mosque in the Saudi holy city of Mecca early morning on November 9, 2010. The Kaaba, Islam's holiest site which stands in the centre of Mecca's Grand Mosque, contains the holy Black Stone which is believed to be the only piece remaining from an altar built by Abraham. AFP PHOTO/MUSTAFA OZER (Photo credit should read MUSTAFA OZER/AFP/Getty Images)

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