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New policy practically bans intelligence community from speaking to press

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper attends a event at the NSA in Fort Meade

‘This latest action is a clear extension of the executive branch’s war on national security whistle-blowers’

Krauthammer explains media's obsession with Flight 370: 'Capitalism at work'

‘They see the ratings and they go after them’

Rush Limbaugh mocks 'absurd' media coverage of missing Malaysian flight

‘Ten days of nameless, faceless experts all over any network — none of whom know anything’

Ted Cruz doesn't get why media treats Obamacare repeal as a 'bizarre proposition'

'It's the most unpopular law in the country'

S.E. Cupp condemns 'urgency and giddiness to get ahead of the facts' on Christie scandal

Says conservatives now warming to Christie

Media Watch: Not quite all “The Facts” about the AR-15 - NRA - ILA

Gun Control Congress

Media sets sights on AR-15s after Los Angeles airport incident

Reuters editor attacked by media for 'climate skepticism'

Obama Climate Change.JPEG

‘President Obama gets it. Just read his latest climate action plan’

Liberal astroturf group offering $9 to $11 per hour to join its gun-control campaign


‘Progressive USA will be going door-to-door in this important race in the coming weeks in order to educate voters’

Juan Williams: Liberal media will 'shut you down, stab you, kill you, fire you' if you disagree [VIDEO]

‘I can open this shirt and show you the scars and the knife wounds’

COGLIANESE: Politico reveals more about media than president

Obama Budget.JPEG

Politico analysis reveals more about media than president.


National television networks have shown no interest in Menendez underage prostitute allegations

MSNBC ‘essentially’ ran ‘a voter suppression campaign’ against GOP during 2012 presidential election, says author

chris matthews

‘There are too many Todd Akins running for office’

The buck never stops with Obama or the media

Lessons not learned from 1948.

Media declares open season on Mitt Romney's Mormon faith

Religious bigotry is one of the hallmarks of the 2012 presidential campaign.

James Holmes isn't national news

Why the media’s obsession with the Colorado shootings is bad for America.

Media should stop grandstanding over Colorado shootings

Ann Coulter

Focusing on the victims instead of the shooter won’t help anyone.

The Washington Post and Journalism 101

Just the facts. I beg you.

Whither the 'challenge and question authority' liberals?

Why I found Neil Munro’s interruption of Friday’s press conference invigorating.

Poll: Social media user political opinions match overall population - NJ

Social Media Politics

Most everyone polled viewed newspapers and public television and radio as the most trustworthy sources of news and information.

Real men of genius: Mediaite's Tommy Christopher - TheDC

How an untalented scribe overcame his struggles to find relevancy on the Web.