medical technology

Bionic Eye Allows Blind Man To See Wife For First Time In 10 Years

Tech | Scott Cook
Medicine, science, technology and romance all wrapped into one beautiful story

Google Labs Has Cancer Detection In The Works

Tech | Nick Givas
Synthetic skin could prolong your life

FDA Approves Suspended Animation Human Trials

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'After we did those experiments, the definition of 'dead' changed'

New 'electronic skin' monitors and treats patients by itself

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'It's a pretty complicated system to integrate onto a piece of tattoo material'

Researchers just developed artificial muscles made of fishing line 100 times STRONGER than humans'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Super thin and flexible circuits clear the way for truly wearable computers

Tech | Business Insider
They could give 'amputees greater control over artificial limbs and spawn truly controller-free video gaming'

3D-printed tracheal splint saved newborn's life

Tech | Josh Peterson
Remarkable research, implementation at University of Michigan

Hospitals adopting robots to kill superbugs

Tech | Sarah Hofmann
The $125k machines look like the love child of R2D2 and a mosquito zapper

Cancer-detecting breathalyzer developed by scientists at Georgia Tech

Tech | interns
Patient's breath is captured in a specialized storage container and then sent to a lab to look for signs of cancer

Scientists combat brain damage with cyborg rats

Tech | Josh Peterson
'Animal rights groups are, of course, up in arms over the live-animal testing'

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