Bionic Eye Allows Blind Man To See Wife For First Time In 10 Years

Tech | Scott Cook

Medicine, science, technology and romance all wrapped into one beautiful story

Google Labs Has Cancer Detection In The Works

Tech | Nick Givas

Synthetic skin could prolong your life

FDA Approves Suspended Animation Human Trials

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘After we did those experiments, the definition of ‘dead’ changed’

New 'electronic skin' monitors and treats patients by itself

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Torgersen of Vienna University of Technology operatesf newly developed 3D nano-printer in Vienna

‘It’s a pretty complicated system to integrate onto a piece of tattoo material’

Researchers just developed artificial muscles made of fishing line 100 times STRONGER than humans'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'The application opportunities for these polymer muscles are vast'

Super thin and flexible circuits clear the way for truly wearable computers

Tech | Business Insider

They could give ‘amputees greater control over artificial limbs and spawn truly controller-free video gaming’

3D-printed tracheal splint saved newborn's life

Tech | Josh Peterson
3D Printing Machine

Remarkable research, implementation at University of Michigan

Hospitals adopting robots to kill superbugs

Tech | Sarah Hofmann

The $125k machines look like the love child of R2D2 and a mosquito zapper

Cancer-detecting breathalyzer developed by scientists at Georgia Tech - Daily Mail

Tech | interns

Patient’s breath is captured in a specialized storage container and then sent to a lab to look for signs of cancer

Scientists combat brain damage with cyborg rats - Gizmodo

Tech | Josh Peterson

‘Animal rights groups are, of course, up in arms over the live-animal testing’

Medicare actuary more confident in Ryan's 'Road Map' than Obamacare for driving down costs - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

‘The Road Map has that potential’

The health care law is due for a second opinion

Opinion | Donald J. Palmisano

Democrats’ health care law threatens America’s world-class health care system.

No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible - AP

| admin

Using a warm laptop a lot can lead to “toasted skin syndrome,” an unusual-looking mottled skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure

Safe sex is just a bike ride away - Flash News

| interns

Swiss company to offer condoms by bicycle

Bionic feet for amputee cat - BBC News

Tech | interns

A cat injured in a farm accident has received revolutionary new implants

Mystery finally unlocked: how spiders create silk threads - Science Daily

Tech | interns

How can a tiny spider body contain material for several decimeters of gossamer silk, and what governs the conversion to thread? Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Sweden can now explain this process.

Bless these condoms, father, for they're on skin - AFP

| interns

Philippine Catholic bishops, already waging a bitter battle with the government over birth control, received an unwelcome gift on Monday when female activists delivered them two baskets of condoms

An adolescent condom - TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

World | interns

Since more adolescents are having sex in Switzerland, the government is allowing the new, smaller condoms

Science or Ideology?: What Lies Behind the Abstinence Education Debate

| interns

Abstinence education is back in the headlines, prompted by a new study that shows such intervention can reduce teen sexual activity in the long term.

It found that, two years after receiving an eight-hour abstinence-only intervention, middle school participants were a third less likely to initiate sexual activity, compared to peers who attended a non-sex-ed health class instead. Moreover, although the abstinence-only intervention did not teach contraception, sexually active participants were no less likely to use contraception