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Sen. Bernie Sanders: GOP's idea of individual liberty is 'the freedom, literally, to die' [VIDEO]

‘We have infinitely more support for our ideas than they have for theirs’

This Tax Day, America needs jobs, not higher taxes

IRS Identity Theft .JPEG

Democrats are standing in the way of pro-growth tax and entitlement reform.

Is this any way to treat America's doctors?

Aging America Rural Retirement Medicare.JPEG

Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate follies continue, with another can-kick likely

Former White House counsel blasts Obama's 'unlawful' unilateral Medicare changes

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius waits before testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘HHS should withdraw the proposed rule’

See the HUGE amount Medicaid costs have increased in 46 years

Tom Coburn (R-OK) listens to questions during the Reuters Washington Summit in the Reuters newsroom in Washington

And that is without the new Obamacare enrollees into the program

Shock report: Medicare misspent MILLIONS on drugs for prisoners

Prescription drugs

Prisoners are not supposed to get federal prescription drug benefits

Medicare's doc fix insanity

Medicare Doctors Pay.JPEG

The price-fixing and legislative patches are an open door for cronyism.

Feds losing millions annually on vacuum erection devices

Swedish-Made Penis Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag, Baby, by Austin Powers (Screenshot: YouTube/New Line Cinema)

Vacuum erection devices treat impotence and are eligible for coverage under Medicare Part B

Will this next Obamacare tax affect you?

A street sign marking Main Street stands in Port Washington. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters.

Pony up

Obama program robs Medicare patients of their suppliers

Obama speaks at the 2013 White House Tribal Nations Conferencein Washington

Patient-provider relationships thrown out the window

Seniors lose insurance and doctors under Obamacare

Obamacare restrictions are rapidly destroying Medicare Advantage, leaving retirees without plans or doctors

Medicare paid MILLIONS to dead people, illegal immigrants


‘Awarding benefits to the deceased is dead wrong’

We're the problem: Why government doesn't work and is so hard to fix

Night falls over U.S. Capitol Dome, as members of Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives deal with budget showdown with Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate, and possible government shutdown in Washington

Americans gripe about dysfunctional government, but ‘we the people’ put it there.

Defining conservatism down

U.S. Representative Ryan and fellow House Republicans are greeted by reporters as they depart a closed-door caucus meeting in Washington

Apparently, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are now bedrock conservative programs. Can Obamacare be far behind?

A health care work-around for Congress, but not cancer clinics

President Obama

The Obama administration’s interpretation of the law is open to question

Taxpayers score victory against Medicare and Medicaid fraud

Health Overhaul Applying for Benefits

On Friday, a judge overturned a 33-year-old injunction that made it difficult to detect Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Taxpayers may soon foot bill for sex change surgeries

Obamacare Signing

‘These reconstructive procedures are not optional’

The Ryan budget: A start, but not an end

Paul Ryan’s latest plan is far from perfect.

What to cut next

There are dozens of large programs and agencies that should be scaled back or eliminated.

GAO: Medicare remains ‘high-risk’ for over $44 billion in ‘improper payments’

Health Care Waste.JPEG

‘Medicare spending must be held much more firmly in check’