Maureen Dowd: Queen of the Mean Girls? - TheDC

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

The Independent Women’s Forum is calling the New York Times columnist a ‘mean girl,’ in response to her comparison of female Republican candidates to characters from the LiLo film

Whitman's $139 million could turn Calif. race - WaPo

Politics | interns

Brown is receiving help from his union allies, who have spent nearly $14 million on his behalf

'I'll be back': New ad portrays Whitman as Governator redux - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

New Brown ad portrays Meg Whitman as Schwarzenegger redux

Climate debate heating up in California - TheDC

Energy | Amanda Carey

Voting on Prop 23, California will decide what is more important: unemployment or global warming

Jerry Brown makes excuses for 'whore' comment in debate - TheDC

Politics | Mary Katharine Ham

California’s Democratic candidate for governor tries to defend his campaign after they used the term to describe Republican Meg Whitman

Whitman, Brown tangle over maid, slur in debate - San Francisco Chronicle

Politics | Vince Coglianese

The two sparred in their final televised debate Tuesday

Brown has history of offending women say feminists - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

National Organization for Women gives Jerry Brown endorsement, ignoring past statements, positions

Was it Brown's wife who called Whitman a whore? - FOX News

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

The slur was part of a voicemail revealed on Thursday, wherein Jerry Brown called a Los Angeles police union seeking support

TheDC Election Outlook: Republicans poised for solid gains in governors races - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

An overview of the close gubernatorial races and candidates across the country

Recording captures Brown campaign aide calling Whitman a 'whore' - Fox News

Politics | Vince Coglianese

Private remark captured via voicemail when Brown failed to properly end the call

Cuba expert: Jerry Brown and Fidel Castro are amigos - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown reportedly took an unlawful trip to Cuba in 2000 where he “bonded” with Castro

Interrupting Meg

Opinion | Aaron Guerrero

Meg Whitman is discovering that money can only take you so far in politics.

Lawyer in Whitman flap mum on details, party ties - AP

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Gloria Allred, who has longtime Democratic ties, has yet to disclose details about how she became involved in the case

Whitman: Brown should be ashamed for creating 'deportation risk' - AP

Politics | admin

In creative twist, Meg Whitman attempts to turn the tables on her opponent

Allred once worked on Brown campaign, but says maid case isn't partisan - California Watch

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

The Whitman campaign accuses Allred and opponent Jerry Brown of coordinating the attack on her association with an illegal immigrant

It Begins: Spanish-language union ad attacks Meg Whitman on illegal ex-housekeeper - USA Today

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

The 30-second Spanish-language ad claims Whitman has attacked ‘undocument workers to win votes,’ even though she employed one

Whitman gets "bait and switched" by Gloria Allred and the media

Opinion | Sam Foster

How Whitman should have handled the manufactured “NannyGate” controversy.

Latino voters could swing two key California races

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence

Democratic wins could blunt GOP momentum

Whitman fires back about illegal immigrant maid - AP

Business | admin

Whitman reiterated Thursday that she never saw a 2003 letter from the government suggesting her housekeeper was an illegal immigrant

CEO status paying off big for trio of GOP Women - Politics Daily

Politics | Vince Coglianese

The 2010 midterms bring a fresh dynamic: the self-made, independent-minded female business executive