The War on Women: Just a Fluke?

Opinion | Melanie Sturm

If Sandra Fluke is worried about government limiting women’s health care choices, she should speak out against Obamacare.

Julia's war on feminism

op-ed | Melanie Sturm

A woman needs the government like a fish needs a bicycle.

Sex, lies and videotaped government scandals

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Why the public sector is more likely to waste money than the private sector.

The Buffett rule: tax fairness or farce?

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In February, Warren Buffett made an important but little-noticed admission.

America's Tebows await their start

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We need to unleash America’s private-sector “quarterbacks.”

Wall Street protesters: Blame cronyism, not capitalism

Opinion | Melanie Sturm

Government-sponsored entities like Fannie Mae are responsible for the recession.

Green dream a red nightmare for taxpayers

Opinion | Melanie Sturm

As Winston Churchill famously quipped, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Slouching toward Europe: America needs rehab

Opinion | Melanie Sturm

The U.S. needs to pursue economic reforms before it’s too late.

Class warfare is divisive and un-American

Opinion | Melanie Sturm

The ‘soak-the-rich’ narrative is dangerously divisive, socially corrosive, economically detrimental and untrue.