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Memory testing can age older adults in minutes

Transparent Brains

Older adults who feel younger than they really are might want to steer clear of memory tests, or risk feeling older, a new study suggests.

Study: Facebook status updates more memorable than human faces

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook statuses found to be the most memorable of current possible social media updates

Multitasking takes toll on memory, study finds - NYT

Researchers have found that taking on too much at once could damage memory

Sirhan Sirhan maintains he can't remember shooting RFK - AP

Kennedy’s convicted murderer wants to go free for a crime he says he can’t remember

Pucker up: Celebrities recall their first kiss [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

A new study reveals that your first kiss is likely to be one of your most vivid memories — here are 11 celebrities who can recall theirs

Spacemen - MSNBC

Put the cell phone down, drop the Blackberry, cease the nonstop tweeting. Space out! Why daydreaming is so important

Take a coffee break

A coffee break after an important meeting or class may be just the thing your brain needs to digest new information and improve memory

Jogging your memory

Running may do more than improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall physique. Running might actually make you smarter