Ryan Seacrest could host 'Today' show - TheDC

Entertainment | Betsi Fores

NBC execs flirt with reality producer‒host as contract deadline looms

Ann Curry to replace Meredith Vieira on 'Today' show - TheDC

Entertainment | Amanda Carey

NBC’s the ‘Today’ show expected to announce top personnel shift Monday morning

Meredith Vieira reportedly leaving 'Today' - THR

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The morning show anchor, who replaced Katie Couric in 2006, is predicted to leave the show when her contract expires in September

'God's gift to music' jumps 'Today' show barricade during broadcast - TheDC

US | Jeff Poor

New York Police wrestle 33-year-old man to the ground attempting to disrupt NBC morning program

Stewart invites Beck to 'The Daily Show' - TheDC

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After hearing Beck’s comments on ‘The Today Show’ Wed. morning, comedian and ‘The Daily Show’ host, Jon Stewart invited Glenn Beck to be a guest on his Comedy Central show

Katie Couric might end up back on 'Today' - NY Post

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Katie Couric might end up back on the ‘Today’ show when her ‘CBS Evening News’ contract expires at the end of May

Could all this madness about Chelsea's secret wedding have been avoided? - NY Magazine

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Jenna Bush should have given Chelsea this piece of advice: Don’t be outrageously coy about your wedding; it will only draw more attention

Parents of slain girl demanding funds for new law despite budget trouble - MSNBC

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‘Chelsea’s Law’ would further restrict sex offenders

The state of the media’s crush on Obama: Still swooning

Opinion | Noel Sheppard

Within seconds of President Obama completing his State of the Union address to the nation Wednesday, America’s media were giving rave reviews for his performance.

The Today Show Reacts to the Conan/Leno Fiasco … Awkwardly

| AJ

It’s always an uncomfortable situation when a news network has to cover itself, and this morning on NBC’s Today show was no exception.