Meet The Very Shady Prosecutor Robert Mueller Has Hired For The Russia Investigation

op-ed | Sidney Powell
Andrew Weissmann Getty Images/James Nielsen

Andrew Weissmann has an ethically questionable past

Who Deleted The Ex-CEO Of Merrill Lynch From Google?

Tech | Kate Patrick
Stan O'Neal of Merrill Lynch attends Chamber of Commerce meeting

This BBC journalist’s article on the ousting of Stan O’Neal is now GONE from Google search results in Europe

How Wealthy Families Blow Their Assets

Business | Reuters

‘People tend to be overly generous’

Economists continue to get the biggest economic story of the year wrong

Business | Business Insider

Minutes ago, we got the April reading of consumer prices. Not only did the numbers reflect a complete absence of inflation, they also showed that economists continue to overestimate inflation. Headline CPI fell by 0.4% which was more than the 0.3% decline expected.  This was largely due to the drop in energy prices. Core CPI, which excludes food and energy prices, climbed by just 0.1%, which was also more modest than the 0.2 % expected. “The big story this year is not the US spending sequester, the China slowdown or the ongoing European recession,” said Ethan Harris, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s top global economist. “The big story is inflation, or more precisely, the lack thereof.” “The weakness has come as a surprise to economic forecasters and an even bigger surprise to many market participants. Critics of the major central banks have repeatedly warned that easy policy would lead to runaway inflation. However, in reality inflation is falling, not rising.” Here’s a chart of of BAML’s global inflation surprise index.  Is you can see, inflation has been surprising economists to the downside all around the world. Please follow Money Game on Twitter and Facebook.Join the conversation about this story »


Bank of America: That $5 debit card fee everyone hated caused a 20 percent spike in account closures - BI

Business | admin
Bank of America.JPEG

But not as bad as when the things that led to the resignation of his predecessor

Jon Corzine lawyers up with a big name - Business Insider

Business | admin

Move comes as the FBI and other regulatory authorities investigate criminal wrong doing by the former governor of New Jersey

Companies pay big money for cap and trade permits - New Jersey Watchdog

US | Pat McMahon

Ten states have sold roughly $662 million in permits to companies that will hike up the price higher and then sell them to power plants

Puts and Calls: Good news for bankers, bad news for the climate bill - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

Friday, Friday, Friday. Tom Karol has the end-of-the-week insights into the Politics of Business

Obama stumbled on Wall Street

Opinion | Alan Reynolds

Do threats of tighter regulations and higher taxes on banks sound like a way to increase lending? President Obama seems to think so

Roger Stone reviews the new Spitzer documentary - The Daily Caller

US | Roger Leo

Alex Gidney’s new film distorts, ignores and changes the former governor’s dodgy history, making this film the best piece of propaganda this year

Bank of America settles at $150 million - ASSOCIATED PRESS

Business | interns

A federal judge said he approved an amended $150 million settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission and Bank of America to end civil charges accusing the bank of misleading shareholders when it acquired Merrill Lynch

Ex-Merrill Exec seeks millions from BofA

Business | AJ

Greg Fleming left Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAC: 16.1799, 0.3299, 2.08%) nearly a year ago, but he continues to wrangle with his old firm over compensation

Former Merrill CEO tapped to head CIT

Business | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain has been tapped to lead struggling lender CIT Group.

Cuomo sues Bank of America - The New York Times

Business | AJ

Bank of America settled a regulatory complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday even as the New York’s Attorney General accused the bank, its former chief executive and chief financial officer of securities fraud.

Relationship troubles - The Daily Caller

Politics | Aleksandra Kulczuga

When Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testifies on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, along with former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, he will face questions from both Democrats and Republicans about his relationship to Wall Street