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Bloomberg on his liberal advocacy: 'I've earned my place in heaven'

Michael Bloomberg

‘It’s not even close’

Bloomberg urges compassion for laid-off coal miners

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

‘You’re not going to teach a coal miner to code’

Congress steps up to subsidize financially troubled fancy-pants NYC bike-share program

Schumer holds a news conference in New York

‘This legislation will encourage employers to offer bike-share memberships as perks’

Bill de Blasio, defying type, denies Citi Bike a bailout

Bike Share New York

Maybe the New York City mayor just wants to stick it to his predecessor.

Smokers' rights advocates challenge legality of NYC's e-cigarette ban

Customers puff on e-cigarettes at the Henley Vaporium in New York City
Will Bloomberg's rationale go up in smoke?

New York's bike-share program has a flat

A snow covered bicycle is pictured in the rain in the Manhattan borough of New York

‘A number of financial and operational challenges’

Katie Couric releases her first web video for

Katie Couric

Not quite Morning Bro

Harvard divided over inviting Bloomberg to speak at commencement

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The former NYC mayor supposedly ‘exacerbates the sense of social exclusion’ on campus

Uh oh: De Blasio's war on charter schools begins

Liberal Democrat Bill de Blasio hugs his wife and children during his election victory party at the Park Slope Armory in New York

School choice is ‘abhorrent,’ according to de Blasio

No surprise here: NYC Mayor de Blasio joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns

U.S. President Barack Obama walks out with two bags of cheesecake from Junior's Restaurant next to Democratic Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio in Brooklyn

Bloomberg successor de Blasio wants to force gun issue to national stage

You can have my e-cig when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers

Customers puff on e-cigarettes at the Henley Vaporium in New York City

40 attorneys general are asking to regulate them like tobacco, putting ex-smokers-turned-vapers at risk for relapse.

New York Times editorial blasts de Blasio inaugural speeches

New mayor Bill de Blasio and his family blow a kiss to the crowd after his public inauguration at City Hall in New York

Gray Lady defends ex-mayor Bloomberg

How long will it take Bill de Blasio to destroy the Big Apple?

New York City's skyline. Robert Glusic/Getty Images.

Not so fast, pundits

It begins: New NYC schools chancellor will push 'progressive agenda'

Carmen Farina / Youtube

Goodbye to charter schools and merit-based pay for teachers, hello to universal pre-K funding and Common Core

The nanny isn't finished: NYC regulates e-cigarettes

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks during a news conference at City Hall in New York
Could this actually increase tobacco use?

Obama campaign promise kept!

A group of disputed islands, Uotsuri island , Minamikojima and Kitakojima, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China is seen in the East China Sea
Sea levels not rising

Outside group ignores Colorado guv's plea to butt out of recall fight

Evie Hudak/Facebook

DC PAC spends $30k on robocalls

The FDA puts Pillsbury Doughboy on a diet, aims to outlaw trans fats

Bacon cupcakes. Bacon on cupcakes. WHY WOULD YOU PUT BREAKFAST ON DESSERT, AMERICA?

Say goodbye to your favorite foods

Could Douglas County, Colorado make school choice mainstream?

School Closings Chicago.JPEG

A pro-reform school board gets reelected, despite staunch opposition from Big Labor.

Coloradans say no to Mike's tax hikes


Bloomberg 0-2 in the state