Michael Moore Thinks Lack Of Women Directors Is Form Of 'Apartheid' By White Men

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Michael Moore criticizes Hollywood for lack of diversity

‘White men have the reins’

Michael Moore's Solution To Va. Shooting: 'Give Everyone A Bodyguard'

US | Kaitlan Collins
Michael Moore tweets about Roanoke shooting

Two journalists were shot and killed during a live broadcast

Chinese Immigrant: 'America Is The Only Country Founded On Great And Noble Ideals'

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

Chinese Immigrant: ‘America Is The Only Country Founded On Great And Noble Ideals’

Michael Moore Offers To Pay Bail, Legal Fees For Woman Who Took Down Confederate Flag

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘We removed the flag today because we can’t wait any longer’

Study: Conservatives Have More Self Control, Better Dieters Than Liberals

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
Conservatives reportedly have more self-control than liberals

‘They believe they have greater control’

Michael Moore Demands Racist America 'Disarm The Police'

US | Derek Hunter

Says prison is ‘a modern slave system’

Did Clint Eastwood Just Agree With 'American Sniper' Critics?

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It sure sounds that way

With Friends Like These: Michael Moore Defends Brian Williams Because 'Bush'

US | Derek Hunter
Michael Moore

Outraged Williams is held to standards of honesty

Michael Moore: Clint Eastwood Threatened To Kill Me Once

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘Make my day, punk’

McCain Slams 'Idiotic' Michael Moore Claim: What Does He Want, 'Hand-To-Hand Fighting?'

US | Al Weaver
mccain squawk

‘That’s like saying we should not use airplanes, tanks, other weapons’

Seth Rogen And Michael Moore BANNED From Steakhouse For 'American Sniper' Criticism

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
seth rogen american sniper bad tweet

‘Chris Kyle is an American hero’

Kevin Costner Defends Snipers: 'They Do It The Best They can'

Entertainment | Alex Griswold
Theater-Bull Durham.JPEG

‘He would have trouble saying that to a roomful of men…’

Michael Moore Invokes Jesus In Latest Attack On Chris Kyle And The Military

Entertainment | Derek Hunter

The husky director invokes Jesus in latest attack

Sarah Palin To Michael Moore: 'F*** You'

US | Chuck Ross
Sarah Palin Getty Images John Moore

Here’s your sign

Kid Rock To 'American Sniper' Critics: 'F*** You'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Puts Moore and Rogen on blast after ‘American Sniper’ criticism

Piers Morgan Slams Michael Moore, Calls Chris Kyle 'Hero'

Entertainment | Derek Hunter
Wanker Piers Morgan hates the Second Amendment. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Anti-gun Morgan defends ‘American Sniper’

Sniper Organization Founder: Others Spilled Blood For Michael Moore, Seth Rogen's Free Speech

US | Kerry Picket
The coffin of slain former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle during a memorial service for the former sniper at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Feb. 11, 2013. Kyle was shot to death on Feb. 2 at a shooting range at Rough Creek Lodge, an upscale retreat about 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. (REUTERS/Tim Sharp)

‘I would hazard that neither one of them has ever been in harm’s way’

Huckabee Slams 'Disgusting' Michael Moore For 'American Sniper' Tweets

Entertainment | Alex Griswold

‘Chris Kyle was a true American hero who did his duty to his country.’

Sarah Palin: 'Hollywood Leftists' Are 'Not Fit To Shine Chris Kyle's Combat Boots'

Entertainment | Derek Hunter
Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Governor slams Hollywood for attacks on Kyle, snipers and the Military in general.