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Bill Gates files patent to protect you from 'Glassholes'

A man wears a pair of Google glasses as he stands at Madrid's Puerta del Sol square

New system designed to safeguard your privacy from Google’s snooping wearable tech

Online video competition's tipping point just tipped

A man tries to get connected to the youtube web site with his tablet at a cafe in Istanbul

Several big recent changes have converged to create a tipping point for new broad scale, over-the-top (OTT) video competition

Five-year-old discovers MAJOR Xbox One security hack

Xbox fans play the latest games during the Xbox One fan celebration and launch party in Los Angeles, California

‘Just being 5-years-old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that… I thought that was pretty cool’

This is how much Microsoft charges the FBI for your info

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates watches a video as he delivered his keynote address at the 2007 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas

Totals stretch into the thousands of dollars

NSA reveals Silicon Valley KNEW about mass Internet spying

An undated aerial handout photo shows the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters building in Fort Meade, Maryland
'They would have received legal process in order to assist the government'

Gates: Raise taxes to fix unemployment caused by my software

Oh yes, and also bring in 66 million immigrants and guest workers

Microsoft Lync lets employers spy on employees NSA-style


‘You can become your own mini-NSA’

Big changes at Microsoft as company seeks to challenge Apple, Google

Satya Nadella, executive vice president, Cloud and Enterprise, addresses employees during the One Microsoft Town Hall event in Seattle

New CEO wants to ‘ruthlessly’ remove obstacles to innovation

Tech companies can finally reveal how much of your information they give to the government

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder addresses media as Foxx, Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation, listens during news conference to detail the more than $300 million aid package for Detroit, which filed bankruptcy in June in Detroit

Government grants permission. Thanks government!

Microsoft offers international data storage in response to NSA spying

An old 'graphic sign of Windows, Microsoft operating system,' key from a computer keyboard is placed on plate of integrated circuit is seen in this illustration picture taken in Warsaw

But here’s why the plan may backfire on users

White House, company data-collectors meet to trade favors

Obama on the phone. Reuters.

They’re collecting people’s data, but they aren’t telling what they’re trading

Microsoft is cooking the NSA's turkey for Thanksgiving

A sign is pictured in the hallway of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center in Redmond, Washington

Tech giant skips holiday to fight the NSA

Xbox One needs to start watching its language

Xbox fans play the latest games during the Xbox One fan celebration and launch party in Los Angeles, California

Video game censorship

Xbox v. Playstation: Who's winning?

Best Buy employees work to unload an armored vehicle filled with Day One edition Xbox One consoles for a midnight launch event in New York

And how many zombies killed?

The knockout game: Xbox One edition

Fans wait in line to purchase an Xbox One at an event celebrating the console's midnight launch in New York

Watch your back

Will Apple TV spy on you, too?

Shopkeeper places Apple iMac at his shop window, which a collage image of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on its screen, in northern Tehran

‘Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans’

Microsoft's new Cybercrime Center combines tactics against hacking groups

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit chief David Finn gives a tour of the unit's new headquarters at the Microsoft Cybercrime Center in Redmond, Washington

Though it is at times derided for the security shortfalls in its own products, Microsoft has led more of those seizures than any other company.

How to keep the new Xbox One from watching you like a complete creep now

Booth girls stand next to Microsoft's new game console Xbox One at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba

‘You are in control of when Kinect is on or off’

What would people want to do in a car if they didn't have to drive it?

Self Driving Cars.JPEG

There’s a poll for that