EU Population Grows To 512 Million Due To Influx Of Refugees

World | Gabrielle Okun
Shutterstock/ Sanliurfa Turkey September 23,2015 Aerial view of Akcakale Refugee Camp. Approximately 28.000 Syrian people reside in Akcakale Tent Camp in Urfa.

Large influx of migrants

Italy's EU Ambassador Says No To More Migrants Entering Italy

World | Gabrielle Okun

‘Italy must deliver’

British Van Driver Dies After Migrants Block Road

World | George Congdon
Migrants blocked a highway in Calais, causing one driver to die in a fiery crash last week. (SEBASTIEN FOISSEL/AFP/Getty Images)

‘We now regularly hear of hauliers who are throwing in the towel’

Six Migrants Convicted For Attacking Homeless Man In Germany

World | Ballard Brown
People hold a welcome banner as they wait for migrants arrival at Schoenefeld railway station, south of Berlin, Germany, September 13, 2015. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

‘From Syria and Libya and aged between 15 and 21’

900 Syrian Migrants Arrested In ONE YEAR In UK

World | Georgia Williams
Syrian refugees (Getty Images)

Rape, child abuse…

Cuban Migrant In 'Obama Boat' Gets Trump Hat On Arrival

Energy | Craig Boudreau

One migrant was gifted a Donald Trump Make America Great Again hat

Germany Puts 90 Suspicious Mosques Under Surveillance

World | Jacob Bojesson
Muslims praying (Credit: Zurijeta/Shutterstock)

‘Some of them are supported by the German government’

Italian Mafia Goes To War With Migrants

World | Jacob Bojesson

‘Palermo is the Middle East in Europe’

More Evidence Emerges Of German Politicians Covering Up Rapes By Muslim Migrants

World | Blake Neff
Police secure the venue of New Year celebrations at the Brandenburger Tor gate in Berlin, Germany, December 31, 2015. (REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke)

Cops ordered to purge the word ‘rape’ from a report

Migrant Attempts To Throw Baby At Police During Riot

Video | Jacob Bojesson

Could have ended badly

Europeans Discover Virtues Of Armed Self-defense As EU Bureaucrats Seek New Gun Controls

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | NRA ILA

Disarmed Europeans now scramble to get guns and personal defense items to protect themselves

Bleeding Hearts Will Only Make Europe's Migrant Crisis Worse

Opinion | Scott Greer

Open borders will not solve the crisis

Feds Obscure Huge Spike In Central American Migrants

US | Neil Munro

Voters don’t like the breakdown, so officials are trying to hide the problem

White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border

Politics | Neil Munro

Officials tried to spike public sympathy by touting unaccompanied children, hiding families

Obama Showcases Foreign Crises To Obscure Domestic Crisis

Politics | Neil Munro

It’s a novel strategy, but likely won’t work

White House: Migrants' Right To Privacy Trumps Americans' Right To Know

Politics | Neil Munro

When the polls are bad, hide the data