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Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol - TheDC

Marine protecting presidential pate from rain was in violation of uniform guidelines

Naval Academy midshipmen busted over 'spice' drug - TheDC

Seven U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen have been expelled for possessing or using ‘spice,’ an under-the-radar drug

Reducing the DOD Bureaucracy: less is more

Secretary Robert Gates wants to make sweeping budget cuts in overhead at the Department of Defense

The Obama administration's cuts to the U.S. Navy imperil critical missions

The United States Navy is drastically shrinking due to the serious cuts the Obama administration is making to the shipbuilding budget

Price of oil, price of freedom - Part II

While general awareness has been raised and maintained across the military enterprise, a holistic, well-integrated top-to-bottom, field-to-command game plan is yet to be devised, let alone implemented

Toward a responsible defense budget

A shift in U.S. grand strategy toward a posture of restraint would enable American taxpayers to recoup considerable savings and force other countries to assume responsibility for their own defense