White House: Alleged Boston Marathon bomber to be tried in civilian court

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(AP Photo/Federal Bureau of Investigation, File)

Carney says ‘this is absolutely the right way to go and the appropriate way to go’

Don't use military commissions to criticize the military

Opinion | David Meyers

The argument that soldiers can’t be good jurors is patronizing, insulting, and demonstrably false.

9/11 suspects to face military tribunal - AP

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The decision by the Obama admin is an about face on earlier plans for civilian trials

Teen terrorist gets 40 years, but will serve only 8 - Miami Herald

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Omar Khadr was handed a 40-year prison sentence for killing an American commando in Afghanistan but could be released far sooner after transfer to Canada

Politics as usual: Another Washington deal

Opinion | Richard Olivastro

Any American who supports closing Guantanamo must come to grips with the resultant reality—all terrorists held at Guantanamo would have to be relocated or released.

9/11 terror suspects face possible military tribunal [Video] - CBS NEWS ONLINE

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In an attempt to reach a political compromise on the KSM trial, the President is considering authorizing a change of venue from federal court to a military tribunal. The base of the Democratic party will be upset with this decision, however, the White House hopes this will lead to a compromise on closing Guantanamo Bay

Stunning reversal in KSM trial - The Washington Post

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President Obama’s advisers are nearing a recommendation that Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, be prosecuted in a military tribunal

Republicans renewing push to block terror trials - Wall Street Journal

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Republican lawmakers, seizing on New York City’s resistance to hosting a high-profile terrorism trial, are renewing a push to block foreign terrorist suspects from getting trials in U.S. civilian courts