Study: Employment Falls When Minimum Wage Goes Up

Business | Connor D. Wolf

‘The people we were supposed to be helping saw their wages fall’

Hyperliberal UC Berkeley Won't Pay Higher Minimum Wage

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

School says ‘budget constraints’ prevent it from paying $10 per hour

Fast Food Workers Want Wages Supersized

Business | Connor D. Wolf

‘Our bosses pay us poverty wages, while we work hard every day to make them millions’

Union Study On Wisconsin Jobs And Poverty Slammed

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf

Conservative critic calls it misleading

Hillary: Corporations And Businesses Don't Create Jobs

Opinion | Derek Hunter

Says her vote on minimum wage created millions of jobs

Small Businesses Oppose Minimum Wage In Nebraska, Big Companies Don't Care

Business | Jonah Bennett
Protesters calling for higher wages for fast-food workers stand outside a McDonald's restaurant in Oakland

‘We just can’t match that’

Renowned Economist SLAPS DOWN Student Council's Dream Of $15 Campus Minimum Wage

Education | Eric Owens

‘These people are clueless about economic reality’

Socialist Party Demanding $20 Minimum Wage Insists It Should Not Be Subject To $20 Minimum Wage

Politics | Eric Owens
Soviet propaganda Getty Images/Buyenlarge

‘We can’t pay a lot more than $13′

Pelosi Demands Minimum Wage Hike

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Americans ‘deserve an economy that works for everyone’

L.A. Passes Latest $15 Wage Hike To Boost Union Membership

Opinion | Ryan Williams
Hotel worker Blanca Aldana cheers after a City Council vote to increase minimum wage at City Hall in Los Angeles

The real goal of these campaigns is new revenue streams for unions, not worker wage increases.

Kay Hagan Changes Tune On Minimum Wage

Politics | Ben Smith
FILE: Sen.-elect Kay Hagan (D-NC) reacts after defeating incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) in Greensboro

‘Kay Hagan sought to cripple the benefits of the minimum wage increase’

Chicago Mayor Signs Executive Order To Raise Contractor Pay

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf

‘This is a down payment on the goal for all 400,000 people’

Big Labor's Fast Food Unionization Strategy Unfolds

Opinion | Ryan Williams
Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) march during a protest in support of a new contract for apartment building workers in New York City

The NLRB looks on as unions flout labor laws.

Union Demands Minimum Wage Hike For More Fed Workers

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
President Barack Obama pauses while he delivers remarks about Ukraine while in the press briefing room at the White House in Washington

‘Raising the price of government projects’

Minimum Wage Referendum Effort Falls On Its Face In Seattle

Business | Connor D. Wolf

‘We tried to provide a unified voice between small businesses and non-profits’

Report: Raising San Francisco's Minimum Wage Could Costs Thousands Of Jobs

Business | Connor D. Wolf

Minimum wage increases ‘cost a certain amount of jobs’

North Dakota Is Booming Without Any Minimum Wage

Business | Jonah Bennett

‘Minimum wage reduces access to entry level jobs’

International Organization Calls For Higher US Minimum Wage

Business | Jonah Bennett
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Lagarde holds a news conference in Washington

States are already voting for increases