I Liked Bill Clinton's Speech

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President Bill Clinton makes a statement in the Rose Garden at the White House December 11, minutes before the House Judiciary Committee approved a first article of impeachment. Clinton offered his profound appology for misleading the country about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

I'm gonna say this again

Former Secret Service Agent Claims They Were Prepared To Deal With Hillary's 'Domestic Violence' Against Bill

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Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton smiles as she speaks to supporters while her husband, former President Bill Clinton (R), gives a thumbs up to the crowd after Mrs. Clinton was projected to be the winner in the Nevada Democratic caucuses, in Las Vegas, Nevada February 20, 2016. REUTERS/David Becker

‘Eleanor Mondale and Monica Lewinsky could not satiate the president’s horndog sexual desires’

Hillary Clinton Is A Huge Fan Of Beyonce's Infidelity Album

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‘Lemonade’ is all about her husband’s affair

COULTER: Every Rape Victim Deserves To Be Heard -- Except By Hillary Clinton

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Hillary knew what her husband was doing and yet, over and over again, she helped him cover it up.

CNN Panelist Uses Beyonce's 'Lemonade' To Defend Hillary

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Singer Beyonce performs at the Staples Center on July 13, 2009 in Los Angeles

‘She’s talking about infidelity for women all over the world who have experienced it’

People Are Losing Their Minds Over What Monica Lewinsky Said About Beyonce's New Album

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Monica Lewinsky comments on Beyonce's album

‘Will someone let me know if…’

Bernie Goes Silent On Rosario Dawson's Monica Lewinsky Comments

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‘Do you think it’s appropriate…’

Monica Lewinsky Says This 'Sticks To You Like Tar,' Is Ready For Trump To Shine The Spotlight On Her Again

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Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky (REUTERS/Youtube Screenshot)

‘I felt like every layer of my skin and my identity were ripped off of me in ’99’

Krauthammer: Hillary's Defense Of Top Secret Email Is Reminiscent Of The Lewinsky Scandal

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‘The go-to initial answer always is to brazenly say a lie’

Trump Blasts Bill And Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner And Bill Cosby In One Ad

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‘True defender of women’s rights’

Trump Doubles Down On Bill Clinton's 'Abuse Of Women'

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‘I’ll do more for women than Hillary Clinton’

Guess Which Republican Dropped The Monica Card?

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Monica Lewinsky (L) talks with Darrell Hammond, who portrays President Clinton, during a skit on the live broadcast of "Saturday Night Live" in New York April 8. Lewinsky, the now famous ex-White House intern, took a comic turn on late night television after playing a dramatic role that nearly toppled Bill Clinton from the presidency.


‘Maybe we should drink more in Washington’

Monica Lewinksy Blocked From Sitting In Al Gore's Box At Cannes

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‘It was 100% appropriate for me to sit elsewhere.’

Monica Lewinsky -- MONICA LEWINSKY -- Just Got A Standing Ovation For This

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She said she was ‘in love’ with Clinton

Michelle Obama Trashes Media When She's Supposed To Be Giving A Graduation Speech

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Michelle Obama gives Prince George and Princess Charlotte gifts

First lady goes light on inspiration

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Monica Lewinsky's Right-Wing Campaign

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‘We have to shame this terrible person’

Monica Lewinsky's TED Triumph

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Monica Lewinsky poses at the International Documentary Association's 2014 IDA Documentary Awards in Los Angeles

Maybe Lewinsky, not Hillary Clinton, is the real success story of our time.