Antitrust Claims Against Google Are RIDICULOUS Because Consumers Are Not Getting Harmed

op-ed | Darren S. Tucker
Google AFP/Getty Images

It’s time for critics to stop recycling arguments that would only companies, not consumers

Google's Monopoly Threatens Economic And Political Competitors

op-ed | Noah Peters

The danger of Google manipulating its search results for political purposes is very real

BREAK UP GOOGLE: There Is A Solid Conservative Antitrust Case Against Alphabet-Google

op-ed | Scott Cleland
Google AFP/Getty Images

Every trust leads to less economic growth, fewer jobs and stagnant innovation. And Google is certainly a trust

DOJ criminal antitrust revenues top $1 billion for 2011, up 78 percent - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

Report shows Justice Dept. collected over $1 billion in fines and penalties

Apple may surpass Exxon as most valuable company - AP

Business | admin

Apple’s move to the top would be a strong signal that investors are now expecting growth to be driven by spending from average consumers

FTC says computer buyers benefit from Intel deal - AP

Business | admin

Intel Corp. is calling a truce in one of its last major antitrust battles over its behavior in the market for computer chips

Court rules NFL is 32 teams, not single business - AP

Business | admin

The Supreme Court rejects the National Football League’s request for broad antitrust law protection and must be considered as 32 separate teams