Donald Trump: Monopoly Buster

op-ed | Michael Hamrick
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Think of us as consumers who are not getting the services they are paying for

The Price Explosion For EpiPen's Is Directly Linked To One Key Gov't Decision

Business | Robert Donachie
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‘monopoly is protected by the FDA’

Will the new FCC Chair be a modernist or a nostalgist?

Opinion | Scott Cleland
FCC commissioners. McDowell is second from the right. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

Whoever the president nominates to be the new FCC Chair would be wise to not get boxed in on these issues

Monopoly fans add cat, toss iron token [VIDEO] - AP

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Monopoly Cat

Shocker: Cat wins internet poll

Monopoly replaces classic token with only other acceptable alternative

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

The long-suffering iron that nobody ever wants to be has been replaced by a tiny metal cat

The makers of Monopoly are trying to ruin your childhood memories

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Hasbro will replace one of the original board game tokens, its fate to be decided by Facebook users

Is Google suppressing innovation and job creation? Congress wants to know

Opinion | Mark Corallo

Google is not above the law, and its business practices merit the scrutiny they are starting to receive.

AT&T vows to fight for T-Mobile merger - Reuters

Business | InternAdmin

AT&T vows to fight for T-Mobile merger to address concerns that the T-Mobile deal is anti-competitive and could cause wireless prices to rise

Strip Monopoly gets dicey - The Sun

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A sexy game of strip-Monopoly almost saw one stark-naked player sent directly to jail

Protecting ideas = creating jobs

Opinion | Dr. Mark Esper

Victoria Espinel, the nation’s first Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, last week delivered to Congress a strong National IP Enforcement Strategy that promises to protect the intellectual property rights of America’s innovators and creators, and the tens of million of jobs that depend on IP

Patent play - BuisnessWeek

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against two men who sought to patent a system for hedging energy trades


Opinion | Kelsey Zahourek

The rest of the world looks to the U.S. as a model for property rights protections and we continue to require strong IP enforcement provisions as a key part of negotiating free trade agreements. Intellectual property rights can boost trade and foreign direct investment not only in the U.S. but in the developing world as well.

What’s the next act for ACTA?

Opinion | Jennifer Choe Groves

ACTA is a high-stakes agreement that has the potential to have a positive impact on IP protection and enforcement, to open markets, and to promote global trade

It’s the government’s business

Opinion | J.T. Young

Competition drives business. Monopoly drives government. Were a pure monopoly to be granted in business, we would not expect it to operate much differently than a government does

Monopoly money mayhem - UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL

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Kansas authorities said an injured man pulled over during a traffic stop told officers he was beaten for using Monopoly money to purchase drugs

Google threatens 'search neutrality' - BETANEWS

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Yesterday, after the European Commission announced it had sent Google earlier in the month copies of complaints it had received from three search providers that Google refused to rank their search results highly in its index, the company Google had the least to say about was Foundem