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Mika Brzezinski Says She And Joe Scarborough Are Ready To Foster An Illegal Immigrant Child

Media | Nick Givas
'We want to foster one of these children as they wait. Wherever they are'

DENIED! -- Mika Shuts Down Creepy Joe On Air

Media | Christopher Smith
'Not on the air!'

Mika Brzezinski Calls Trump Administration 'Too Stupid Or Smart' To Challenge The President

Politics | Nick Givas
'We need more people to step up'

Dem Sen Says White House Officials Have 'Sold Their Souls,' Wants Their Resignations

Politics | Nick Givas
'That’s a lie'

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Slams DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen For Defending Immigration Policy

Politics | Nick Givas
'It’s inhumane'

Mika Brzezinski Absolves Democrats Of Immigration Crisis, Calls Trump Policies 'Blatantly Cruel' [VIDEO]

Politics | Nick Givas
'They’re being held against their will'

White House Destroys Morning Joe Over Holocaust Comparison

Politics | Mike Brest
'This is the type of inflammatory and unacceptable rhetoric'

Joe Scarborough Compares Processing Of Illegal Immigrants To Nazis Murdering Jews

Politics | Nick Givas
'They're being marched away to showers ... just like the Nazis'

'Morning Joe': Comey Is The Reason Trump Is President

Politics | Mike Brest
His voters? Pfff

Mika Brzezinski: Americans Are 'Empty And Helpless' – Trump's Job Numbers Say Otherwise

Politics | Dominic Mancini
Our pockets certainly aren't empty

'Morning Joe' Compares US Immigration Detention Facilities To Concentration Camps

Politics | Mike Brest
'Taken off to the showers'

Mika Compares Trump To Fred Flintstone, Tweets To 'Writing Things On Stone'

Politics | Mike Brest
'Almost caveman-like'

Morning Joe Guest In Denial Over Singapore Summit's Historical Nature

Politics | Dominic Mancini
Summit implications are 'very unclear'

Morning Joe Fires Back At De Niro For 'F*ck Trump' Comments

Politics | Mike Brest
'They are helping Donald Trump’s reelection'

MORNING MELTDOWN: Joe Scarborough Attacks Trump For Being 'Un-Christ-Like,' Mentions Bible Verses

Media | Justin Caruso
This is bizarre

Joe Scarborough Calls Rudy Giuliani A 'Runaway Beer Truck' Who Wants To Sabotage North Korean Peace Effort

Politics | Nick Givas
'Shooting his mouth off'

Morning Joe and Mika Go Nuclear On Trump About Facelift Comments

Politics | Mike Brest

Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thinks ‘Morning Joe’ Attacks On Giuliani Go Too Far

Politics | Mike Brest
A wild turn of events

'He's Been Caught' -- Today's Anti-Trump Sermon On 'Morning Joe' Is One For The Record Books

Media | Justin Caruso
'If you see something, say something'

'Morning Joe' Has Complete Meltdown, Lectures Viewers On How Stupid They Are

Media | Justin Caruso

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