International Hero Poses As Moroccan Prime Minister To Get A Table At Exclusive Restaurant

World | Jena Greene
This man is a genius

This Pathetic World Cup Flop Is The Reason People Hate Soccer

Sports | Jena Greene
Is he OK?

REPORT: Lobbyist, Pruitt Friend Helped Arrange EPA Trip To Morocco

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'It shows, at the very least, a tremendous amount of sloppiness'

Macron Tells Moroccan Woman To Leave The Country

Video | Jacob Bojesson
'I cannot give French papers to everyone'

Cop Knocks Out Knife-Wielding Man Seconds After He Shouts 'Allahu Akbar'

Video | Jacob Bojesson
Perfect execution

Knife-Wielding Man Shouts 'Allahu Akbar' As He Attacks Spanish Police Officer

World | Jacob Bojesson
Area known for violent clashes

Radio Show Suspended After Host Says That Women Can Beat Their Drunk Husbands

World | Joshua Gill
'Hit him and may God protect you'

Everything Known About Human History Just Got An Adjustment Of Sorts

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Rewrite the textbooks'

Hundreds Of Migrants Storm EU Border Fence, Clash With Police

Video | Jacob Bojesson
11 officers injured

CNN Celebrates American Migrant Camp Worker Who Fell In Love With Illegal Immigrant

Politics | Ian Mason
'It was like wow, she remember me...'

African Migrant Found Packed In Suitcase By Border Police

World | Eric Lieberman
Not the first time and likely not the last

55 Officers Injured When 1,100 Migrants Storm Spanish Border Fence

Video | Jacob Bojesson
'Extremely violent and organized'

Moroccan TV Show Teaches Women To Cover Up Domestic Violence Bruises With Makeup

World | Annabel Scott
'It normalizes violence against women, legitimizes it and covers it with makeup'

UN Delays Global Warming Treaty 2 Years As Trump Takes Over

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Enviros are freaking out

Skeptics Thrown Out Of UN Climate Summit After Holding Pro-Trump Event

Energy | Michael Bastasch
And they won't let him back in

Skeptics Crash UN Summit With Scathing Rebuke Of Gobal Warming Alarmism

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Trump is right, Al Gore is wrong

Why Does Clinton Have More Support In Saudi Arabia Than In America?

Politics | Thomas Phippen
Follow the money

China Ramps Up Coal Power Capacity As UN Climate Talks Kick Off

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'This is indeed a disappointing target'

Republicans Remind Obama Of The Limitations Of His Executive Power

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The administration has not been forthright'

Government Shutdowns Of The Internet Cost $2.4 Billion In 2015

World | Eric Lieberman
'Protecting local businesses'

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