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The Daily Caller CBS News is biased... against Obama

What's the frequency, Kenneth? admits: 'Obamacare is in serious political trouble'

Obama speaks at the 2013 White House Tribal Nations Conferencein Washington

Lefty group says ‘there’s no sugar-coating it’

Petition wants GOP leaders ARRESTED and tried for SEDITION


Petition accuses House GOP of extortion over

Major progressive group attacks Obama's Syria plan

Syria Kerry France.JPEG

‘We never set out to spend eight years at war in Iraq’

Obama now has a problem

EU Obama Sweden.JPEG

Left-wing group begs to differ with Obama on military intervention in Syria

Elizabeth Warren creates MoveOn petition for her own bill

Elizabeth Warren Banking Committee

Bill would force Federal Reserve to lend tuition money to students at discounted interested rates

MoveOn petitions ESPN to suspend analyst that called open homosexuality 'unrepentant sin'


‘ESPN must … guarantee that their network will never again be used for gay bashing’, Danny Glover push Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary - TheDC

Paul Krugman three-photo combo

Petition: ‘Krugman will … help defeat the austerity dogma in Washington and around the world’ trying to rally Wal-Mart workers for Black Friday strike - TheDC

Earns Wal Mart.JPEG

Emails to liberal group’s subscribers encourage consumers to protest at the chain’s stores the day after Thanksgiving

MoveOn, Michael Moore: Old people will 'cock punch' Mitt Romney if he wins

‘We will burn this motherf**ker down’ circulates petition for Reid - TheDC

Harry Reid

Reid has made unsubstantiated claims that Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years 'Obama's losing.' (Send money) - TheDC

Democrats Tough Month

Liberal attack group’s marketing email requests $200,000 for social media campaigns

Both sides fail in student loan debate

We need to have an adult conversation about Pell Grants.

MoveOn petition alleges racism in shooting death of Trayvon Martin Jasmine Thar - TheDC


MoveOn petition alleges racism in shooting death of Jasmine Thar

Limbaugh spokesman: Philly move from AM to FM nothing to do with MoveOn's 'tiny petition' - TheDC

'MoveOn's latest claim is also their latest lie. The station change in Philadelphia has already been discussed by CBS' launches campaign against Susan G. Komen for the Cure - TheDC

Planned Parenthood Komen

‘They need to know that they’ve gone too far by joining the right-wing war on Planned Parenthood’

Schizophrenia? #OccupyWallStreet and love pro-free market, billionaire CEO

Steve Jobs was a capitalist, through and through. joins 'Occupy Wall Street' protests - TheDC

Wall Street Protest.JPEG

Liberal organization lends endorsement, ‘massive virtual march’ to ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Warren Buffett's secretary speaks [VIDEO] - TheDC

The folks at TheDC have a little fun with, U.S. Rep. promoting student loan debt forgiveness - TheDC

School for adults, U.S. Rep. promoting student loan debt forgiveness | ‘Millions of Americans would suddenly have hundreds or thousands of extra dollars in their pockets each and every month with which to spend on ailing sectors of the economy’