SHOCKER: MSNBC Panel Loved Obama's Speech

Politics | Alex Griswold

Compares Obama to Winston Churchill

Scarborough On GQ 'Craziest Politicians' List: Where Are All The Democrats?

Politics | Al Weaver

‘They’re all Republicans, dude’

Genius Ed Schultz Gets Hit Piece On Reince Priebus Embarrassingly Wrong

Politics | Alex Griswold

This is why you hire fact-checkers…

Matthews On Jeb Bush: 'Most Pro-Immigration Guy In Either Party'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘He’s very much in love with the Hispanic people.’

MSNBC Analyst: Bill Cosby Also Raped 'The Entire Black Community'

US | Alex Griswold

‘Bill Cosby has been relentless and nasty.’

NBC Reporter: Massive Spending Bill A 'Christmas List' For 'Special Interests'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘John Boehner … needs Democrats in order to pass this’

MSNBC Host: Don't Teach Your Kids To Be Colorblind

US | Alex Griswold

‘We must teach our kids to be racially aware and anti-racist, rather than colorblind.’

Hey Media, We Need Grown-Ups Reporting In Ferguson

Opinion | Hughey Newsome
Demonstrators protest the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown across the street from the Ferguson Police Department  in Ferguson, Missouri

Is the KKK really a relevant player in this discussion?

MSNBC Guest: 'Foundation Of This Country Is Racism'

US | Alex Griswold

Is that the only line they have?

MSNBC Guest: If Wilson Isn't Indicted, 'Value Of Black Life Doesn't Exist'

Politics | Alex Griswold

Only slightly hyperbolic…

Taxpayers Billed $358k For Obama To Attend MSNBC Wedding

Politics | Al Weaver

Obama racked up over a million in expenses for Labor Day weekend excursions

MSNBC Host Literally Screams 'No One Cares About Jonathan Gruber!'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘I hope this is what Republicans continue to do, because it’s pathetic.’

MSNBC, CNN Coverage Of Gruber Non-Existent

US | Al Weaver

Fox News blows MSNBC and CNN out of the water on Gruber coverage

Scarborough: Democrats Are Just 'Embarrassing Themselves'

Politics | Al Weaver

‘They’re screwing things up for themselves’