Hillary Surrogate LITERALLY ZIPS HER LIPS When Pressed On WikiLeaks Emails

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‘I totally do not want to talk about anything beyond the election…’

MSNBC: 'Democrats Are Going To Have To Answer' For Skyrocketing Obamacare Premiums [VIDEO]

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‘The demand for changing it is going to come…’

Dem Rep Hints Patrick Kennedy Will Be Thrown Under The Bus To Save Hillary

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‘All options will be reviewed…’

Howard Dean Is In Total Denial Over Latest Hillary Bombshell -- 'Somebody Made This Up!'

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‘This makes no sense to me at all. This sounds like late in the campaign tricks that are meaningless.’

Ben Carson Smacks Down Scarborough On Media Bias

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‘Why not just listen to what I’m telling you?’

Joe Scarborough Has Some Questions About The New Trump Allegations

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‘I’m just asking…’

Emails Show Clinton Aides At Each Other's Throats Over 'Leaks'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
John Podesta and Hillary Clinton; October 12, 2011. PHOTOGRAPH BY CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY

‘Your reaction to me is unfair’

MSNBC Guest: Response To Trump's 'P**y' Comments -- Wait For It -- IS RACIST!!!!

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Tara Dowdell says America is only angry about the comments because they are about a ‘white woman’

The US Hurricane Drought Has Gone On So Long, MSNBC Found A Kid Who's NEVER Seen One Before

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Hurricane Matthew is seen in an infrared image from NOAA's GOES-East satellite

The hurricane drought has lasted 11 years

LOL -- Clinton Comms Director Says She's Been Most Transparent Candidate 'In History'

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‘I think we can safely say that…’

Hewitt: Liberal Media Has 'Huge, Subterranean Pull' On American Voters

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‘People are mad at us because we are not covering the campaign fairly’

MSNBC: Ron Paul Endorsed Jill Stein!!! -- Ron Paul: Uhhh, No l Didn't

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‘I think there is a little bit of misinformation because I have not endorsed anybody’

'INSANITY' -- Joe Scarborough Kicks Off The Week By Blasting The Media

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‘We have no idea how americans really reacted to the debate. Why would that be?’

How A Debate Over Racial Profiling Gets Lost In Nazi Analogies

| Philip Rosenthal
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S. September 28, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Love him or hate him, I am not aware of Donald Trump exterminating millions of people.

MADDOW MELTDOWN: Fact-Checking Rachel's Faulty Fact-Checking

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‘The fact-checking, certainly, could be done. I mean most people could do it off the top of their heads.’

ANALYSIS: On Second Thought, Yeah The Debate Was Kind Of Rigged -- But That Actually Helped Trump Win

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How Lester Holt actually did a favor for Donald Trump