Chuck Todd Compares Trump's Twitter Account To Clinton Sex Scandals

Politics | Kipp Jones

‘So far, he’s made things worse.’

Anti-Trump Congresswoman Doubles-Down On The Crazy -- 'I Think We Have To Drill Down More...'

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘They still are going to have to deal with more…’

Even Chris Matthews Thinks This Dem Rep's Inauguration Talk Is A Little Nutty

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘If that was used against Hillary Clinton in some way, yes I think that’s impeachable.’

No One Expected SpongeBob To Crash MSNBC's Shot Outside Trump Tower -- But He Did

US | Christian Datoc

… and he was yelling about Hillary and pedophiles

Khizr Khan's Nonsensical MSNBC Interview -- Now He's Worried Sessions OPPOSES Muslim Ban

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘It worries me that the nominee…’

Valerie Jarrett Makes OUTRAGEOUS Claim About Obama

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘He will be assuming the most important office of all…’

Andrea Mitchell REALLY WANTED John Kerry To Criticize Trump -- He Rained On Her Parade

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Im not going to get into the back-and-forth.’

MSNBC Host SNAPS -- 'I'm Not Going To Let You Make A Generalization About The Media!'

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

‘Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!’

Maddow Wonders If She'll End Up In A Concentration Camp Because Of Trump

Politics | Chuck Ross

Rachel Maddow can’t contain herself

Schumer Flips, Now Says He'll Fight To Keep Supreme Court Seat Vacant

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘So you will do your best to hold the seat open?’

HuffPo's Sam Stein: Obama Has Blood On His Hands

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘His legacy as a politician is a bit muddied by all that…’

'Chloroform The Clintons' -- MSNBC Panel Wants Bill And Hillary To Just Shut The Hell Up Already [VIDEO]

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘Seriously. Nobody cares. The game’s over. They lost.’

MSNBC Host Works Double-Time To Make Berlin, Turkey Attacks NOT Seem Like Terrorism

Politics | Christian Datoc

Congrats, Chris Hayes. You’re officially the worst.

Man Throws A Hissy Fit On MSNBC -- Ivanka Doesn't Care Enough About Women's Issues!

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘She’d rather talk about the choices that women have to what they put ON their bodies’

Morning Joe Tried to Ask About Ellison's Alleged Anti-Semitism, And Things Got Uncomfortable

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘This smear campaign from almost 21 years ago…’

RNC Spokesman, MSNBC Host Lock Horns Over Russian Hacker Reports

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘It is time to realize that Donald Trump won this election big time, and we need to move on’

Kellyanne -- After Getting Death Threats -- ROASTS 'People Who Just Can't Admit' Trump Won

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘I’m not a sore winner. I’m a winner. My guy is a winner’

People Can't Stop Talking About What Tamron Hall Is Wearing On Television Right Now

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Tamron Hall (Photo: MSNBC screen grab)
No one was paying attention to the news

High Praise -- Dem Sen. Says Linda McMahon Is 'Unquestionably Qualified' For Trump's Cabinet

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Of all the potential picks for the head of the SBA, Linda McMahon would be at the top of my list’