Rod Rosenstein Needs To Get His Act Together Or HIT THE ROAD

op-ed | John D. O'Connor
Rod Rosenstein Getty Images/Win McNamee

As for Mueller, he should not be fired but he must be supervised

Trump Won't Fire Mueller Because It Would Be A YUGE Signal Of Weakness To His Base

op-ed | Liz Mair
Trump Reuters/Jim Bourg

If there’s anything Trump and his base deeply revile, it is weak people in Washington, D.C.

To Understand How Russia Interferes In Elections, Just Look At What Russians Are Doing In Ukraine

op-ed | Mark Pfeifle
Getty Images/Maxim Marmur, Shutterstock/evryka

As Ukrainians can attest, election interference should be considered an act of war because it is one

This Mueller Grand Jury Witness Says Enough Is ENOUGH

op-ed | Ronn Torossian
Robert Mueller Getty Images/Alex Wong

A dangerous, slippery slope which has nothing to do with the mission of the special counsel

SWAMP REUNION: Obama's Three Muses Reappear In Mueller's Trump Investigation

op-ed | Sidney Powell
Barack Obama and advisers Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Obama’s lawyers and Mueller’s investigators go way back

PLAMEGATE REDUX: James Comey's Pursuit Of Crimeless Cases Against Trump Is Eerily Familiar

op-ed | John D. O'Connor
Getty Images/Mark Wilson, Getty Images/Francois Durand

The former FBI director must love Kafka novels

Mueller's Indictments Show How Obama FAILED To Stop Russian Interference In The 2016 Election

op-ed | Alex Plitsas
AFP/Getty Images/Alexsey Druginyn, Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla, Reuters/Carlos Barria, Reuters/Jim Young

We must reestablish the deterrence that was lost over the last decade

THE MUELLER MESS: Have The American People Lost Another Key Sovereign Power?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
Robert Mueller Getty Images/Alex Wong

Our liberty is standing in airlock, waiting to be blown into the vacuum of historical oblivion

Hey, Nicholas Kristof: If You're Smart, Why Do You Act So Obtuse?

op-ed | Roger Stone
Nicholas Kristof YouTube screenshot/The New York Times

The irresponsible, misleading dreck has gone from annoying to old and stale

Mueller Indictment Shows Russian Trolls Also Promoted Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein

Energy | Michael Bastasch
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks

‘Choose Peace and Vote for Jill Stein’

Why General Flynn Should WITHDRAW His Guilty Plea

op-ed | Sidney Powell
Michael Flynn Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan knows a cover-up when he sees one

Russiagate Journalism: Let's Tell Both Sides This Time

op-ed | John D. O'Connor
Robert Mueller Getty Images/Alex Wong

No broad Watergate-type consensus can be built today on the thin tissue of slanted reporting

Robert Mueller's Endless Investigation Is Aimed At The Wrong 2016 Presidential Candidate

op-ed | Ken Allard
Reuters/Carlos Barria, Getty Images/Alex Wong, Reuters/Jim Young

The special prosecutor’s show is a scene-stealing diversion that Richard Nixon would have admired

HUGE! Trey Gowdy Catches Anti-Trump FBI Agents Red Handed

Media | Julia Nista

‘They were discussing…’