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Abortion Advocates Use SCOTUS Free Speech Case To Push Fake Clinic Narrative

US | Grace Carr
'Lie to, shame and intentionally mislead women'

Pro-Life Democrats Will Not Be Denied Party Campaign Funding

Politics | David Krayden
'Throwing weight behind anti-choice candidates is bad politics...'

FACT CHECK: Did the Missouri House Pass a Bill Legalizing Abortion Discrimination?

Politics | Kush Desai
A close reading of bill SB 5 and the St. Louis Ordinance it 'overturns' shows that such claims are incorrect

Ohio Legislature Passes Six-Week Abortion Ban, Stunning Pro-Choice Activists

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'No exceptions in the bill'

Abortionists Gush Over Clinton Nomination: 'Unapologetic Champion'

Elections | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'She put choice front and center'

NARAL Pres Boasts About Ending The Life Of Her First Child At DNC

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'I was fortunate'

Abortionist Calls 911 After Failing To Kill Unborn Baby: 'The Fetus Is Breathing'

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Um ... you mean the BABY?

Pro-Choice Group Defends Women By Attacking Crisis Pregnancy Centers

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Targeted law-abiding pro-life centers

7 Ways Abortion Advocates Avoided Discussions In 2014 By Talking About Genitals Instead

Opinion | Kristan Hawkins
From sparkly penis ornaments to vandalism, abortion activists are often crude.

Liberal Groups Petition Denver Post To Retract Cory Gardner Endorsement

Politics | Greg Campbell
'I am totally gasping at the Post's endorsement of Cory Gardner'

Taxpayer-Funded PBS Airs Late-Term Abortion Propaganda

Opinion | Arina Grossu
Why is a public TV station glorifying these people?

Pro-Abortion Group Gets Google To Take Down 'Deceptive' Crisis Pregnancy Ads

US | Caroline May
The group claims pro-life crisis pregnancy ads have been targeting and deceiving women seeking abortion

Major DC freeze yet to deter 'enthusiastic' pro-lifers who will 'March for Life

US | Caroline May
'These are really the tried and true pro-lifers'

After year full of defeats, pro-abortion group looks to join fight in states

US | Caroline May
'Opponents of legal abortion have become highly skilled at identifying the levers of power in states'

See who's outraged about 'Uncle Sam'

Politics | Patrick Howley
Anti-Obamacare mascot prompts liberal hissy fit

House passes 20-week abortion ban

Politics | Caroline May

NARAL: Gosnell murders are 'result of antichoice attacks on abortion access'

Politics | Patrick Howley
'When abortion is illegal, women will still seek abortion care from monsters like Gosnell'

Groups rank the states based on anti-abortion records

Politics | Caroline May
Check out which states came in at the top and the bottom

NARAL's plan to re-elect Obama: Promote abortion

Politics | Caroline May
Pro-choice group unveils detailed plan to sway 'Obama defectors' back to Obama

Obama opposes ban on sex-selective abortions

Politics | Caroline May
White House: 'The government should not intrude in medical decisions or private family matters in this way'

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