A Private Vendor Sold Trump Wine In A National Park And Environmentalists Are Irate

Business | Tim Pearce
Steaks and chops described as 'Trump meat' are shown near the podium with Trump branded wines and water before U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was scheduled to appear at a press event at his Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, March 8, 2016. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

‘They ask that we carry regional products as much as possible’

The 45-Foot Tall Naked Woman DC Statue Is Now Canceled

US | Gabrielle Okun
Washington DC, USA - April 13, 2014: Washington Monument and the reflecting pool taken from the Lincoln Memorial with tourists Erika Cross. (Shutterstock)

‘Significant historic features’

The Lincoln Memorial Was Vandalized By A Foreign Student

US | Henry Rodgers
A man allegedly used a penny to vandalize the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. REUTERS/Mike Segar

‘Arrested and charged’

The National Park Service (NPS) is giving $98,000 to commemorate a violent student protest group: the Black Panther Party

Education | David Krayden
Black Panthers Getty Images/David Fenton

‘…the project will document how the BPP impacted the visual arts, music, dance, and styles of the 1960s, 70s and 80s…’

Trump Kills Obama Plan To Ban Plastic Bottles At National Parks

Energy | Michael Bastasch
A supermarket employee puts water bottles on a shopping cart while people take care of their last minute shopping as Hurricane Matthew approaches in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

‘Ultimately it should be up to our visitors’

Federal Campgrounds May Be Privatized Under Trump

US | Tim Pearce
You can capture this shot of Bridalveil Fall in Yosemite National Park from Tunnel View (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith)

‘I don’t want to be … running campgrounds’

Massive Fires May Be Only Cure To 'Zombie' Disease Plaguing Deer And Elk

US | Tim Pearce
A fallow deer. [Shutterstock - Colin Edwards Wildside]
'The landscape becomes radioactive.'

Report: Feds Didn't 'Scrub' Inauguration Crowd Size Estimates

Investigative Group | Ethan Barton
A combination of photos taken at the National Mall shows the crowds attending the inauguration ceremonies to swear in U.S. President Donald Trump at 12:01pm (L) on January 20, 2017 and President Barack Obama sometime between 12:07pm and 12:26pm on January 20, 2009, in Washington, U.S., REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (L), Stelios Varias/File Photo

‘We found no evidence’

Trump Donates His Salary To National Park Service

Energy | Andrew Follett
GOLDEN, CO - OCTOBER 29: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump addresses a campaign rally in the Rodeo Arena at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds October 29, 2016 in Golden, Colorado. The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Friday it discovered emails pertinent to the closed investigation of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's private email server and are looking to see if they improperly contained classified information. Trump said "I think it's the biggest story since Watergate." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The Parks Service really needs the money

US Parks Are $17.2 Billion In The Hole, Here's How Congress Wants To Fix It

Energy | Andrew Follett
Woman setting American one dollar bill on fire (Shutterstock/Alan Bailey)

Spending more than they take in

Gov't Study: Caribou Are Handling Global Warming Just Fine

Energy | Andrew Follett
Caribou in winter (Shutterstock/Josef Pittner)

Animals are much more resilient to change than believed

National Park Service Spent $150,000 To Tell Fairy Tales While Parks Are In Disrepair

US | Thomas Phippen
Bigfoot walks through mountain wilderness (Photo: Shutterstock/RikoBest)

‘Sea monsters, little people, wild babies’

Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial And WWII Memorial Defaced With Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

US | Ted Goodman
National Park Service official looks towards Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Feb. 21, 2017: Ted Goodman/TheDCNF

Officials ask public for help in finding the vandal or vandals

Why I Left Federal Service

Opinion | Leah Duran

Never forget that the government works for you, not the other way around.

There's Already An Anti-Trump 'Rogue NASA' Twitter Account

Energy | Andrew Follett
Hand holds Twitter's bird logo. [Shutterstock - fyv6561]

Already has over 300,000 followers…

Veteran Federal Workers Fire Back At 'Overblown' Media Reports Of A Trump Gag Order

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Pile of newspapers with fake news. (Credit: cbies/Shutterstock)

‘This is standard practice’

All These News Outlets Falsely Reported That Badlands National Park Defied Trump

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Credit: Luchenko Yana/Shutterstock

‘Where’s the public going to get its scientific information?’