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Ted Cruz Demands Investigation Into Taxpayer-Funded Global Warming 'Advocacy'

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'It is propagandizing'

Study: Google's Probably Tracking Your Children If They Have These Apps Downloaded

US | Eric Lieberman
'Transmitted sensitive data over the internet'

Federal Gov't Dumping $1 Million To Study Transgender Children

US | Andrew Kerr
'utterly ridiculous'

Gov't-Funded Study Claims Global Warming Expanded Sahara Desert -- There's Just One Problem

Energy | Michael Bastasch
There's a massive caveat

NPR Exaggerates Data To Show Scientists Are Self-Censoring For Fear Of Trump

Energy | Chris White
'The change ... driven in part by the Trump administration'

Engineering 'Safe Zone' For Gay Students Will Cost Taxpayers $500,000

Education | Rob Shimshock
'The climate can be unfriendly'

US Taxpayer Dollars Fueled A 1,200 Percent Increase In TV Global Warming Reporting

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Nearly $4.8 million in taxpayer funds

China Cracks Down On Fake Science

Energy | Andrew Follett
'It is not just the problem of the author, it is a societal problem'

Scientists: Trump's Budget Will Limit Funds To Study 'Microagressions' And Build RoboSquirrels

Education | Eric Owens
New research grants would become 'a near impossibility'

NSA To Sponsor A Summer Camp For Teen Girls

US | Eric Lieberman
'hacking stories appearing daily'

Poll: Increasing Number Of Americans Support Fracking

Energy | Andrew Follett
Support for fracking is up 3 percent since October

Court Gives Glaciers Human Rights Because Global Warming

Energy | Andrew Follett
'These entities shall be equivalent to the rights of human beings'

40 Scientific Journals Hire Fictional Scientist Named 'Fraud'

Energy | Andrew Follett
Of the 48 journals examined, 40 of them took the bait

Oops, Actually Complex Life Is About A Billion Years Older Than Scientists Always Thought

Energy | Andrew Follett
Complex life is way older than we thought...

How Left-Wing Groupthink On Campus Is Destroying Science

Energy | Andrew Follett
'The academy’s sizable left-liberal skew has had an adverse impact on scholarship'

Feds Not Sure How Many Taxpayer-Funded Scientists Fake Data

Politics | Ethan Barton
There's been 'a substantial increase'

Taxpayer-Funded Scientists Caught Plagiarizing Were Allowed To Keep Funding

US | Thomas Phippen
'The use of quotation marks ... was not required'

Physicist: Academia Shouldn't 'Tell Society How To Run Itself' If It Wants Trust

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Self-scrutiny is hard, but a crisis is looming'

Birds Will Be Way More Resilient To Global Warming Than Scientists Thought

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Significant implications for climate change'

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