Euro Elite Swamped By Populist Wave

World | Neil Munro
The leader of Britain's UKIP party, Nigel Farage, laughs with supporters in South Ockendon

Mass immigration and centralization have sparked popular revolt

MSNBC’s Touré founded militant anti-white student paper

Entertainment | Charles C. Johnson and Ryan Girdusky

MSNBC host decried ‘the suffocating white community,’ inveighed against hoax hate crime

Get ready for a new age of empires

Opinion | James Poulos

Why modern society is pushing the world toward a new era of imperialism.

US continues aid to PLO - Washington Times

US | interns

U.S. will give Palestinians extra $150 million in aid

Movie 'Hell' marks Mexico's bicentennial - AP

Business | admin

‘Hell’ director says there is little to celebrate in Mexico today, with its violence, corruption and inequity, but film not being censored

New group, same racist hate-mongering - TheDC

US | Rusty Weiss

New Black Panther Party Leader Video: ‘We will see caskets and funerals in the community of our enemy’

Israel, the double standard, and power

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

Israeli leaders cannot go safely into some European countries for fear of being arrested for war crimes under the faux-doctrine of “universal jurisdiction,” while children-targeting murderers such as Hamas face no such international reproach.

Police dodge gunfire in 3rd night of Belfast riots - AP

World | admin

Tensions between British Protestants and Irish Catholics progress into 3rd night of rioting in Belfast

Liberty and American exceptionalism

Feature:Opinion | Ken Blackwell

We are a shining beacon of light throughout the world and throughout the annals of history. We are the exception, not the rule.

The realities behind the immigration debate

Energy | Jeffrey Miron

The U.S. should abandon its obsession with the anti-immigration policies of the past and instead address the real causes of illegal immigration.

None to make them afraid

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

Is Obama trying to make the world safe for Islam? He has signaled every rogue state that they can attack the United States of America with chemical or biological weapons without fearing nuclear retaliation. Is he going to make Israel join in that suicide pact?