US Should Fight Global Warming Like It's HITLER, Writes Enviro

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Adolf Hitler, giving Nazi salute. To Hitler's right is Rudolph Hess. 1939. (Credit: Everett Historical /

‘World War III is well and truly underway’

Black Victims Of Nazi Policy, Before, During, And After The Holocaust

Opinion | Edwin Black
Ullstein Bilderdienst, Berlin circa 1907

From Africa to Berlin to North Carolina

University Of Oklahoma Will Finally Return Painting Stolen By NAZIS To Jewish Family

Education | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/Ben McGallant Gallant, public domain

‘I hope OU learns their lesson’

Gun Control By Presidential Decree?

Opinion | Stephen P. Halbrook
U.S. Attorney General Lynch looks toward U.S. President Obama during a meeting with top law enforcement officials to discuss what executive actions he can take to curb gun violence, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

The idea that the president can criminalize conduct not made a crime by Congress is anathema to democracy and the rule of law

Video Of Rahm Emanuel Protesting The Nazis In '78 Surfaces

Politics | Eric Owens
Chicago Reader video screenshots

Trademark scowl is a dead giveaway despite clump of dark hair

'No Social Security For Nazis Act' Nears Passage

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘It’s pretty self-explanatory’

US Taxpayers Are Funding Nazi War Criminal's Retirements

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘It’s absolutely outrageous’

Brad Pitt Is Back To Killing Nazis In 'Fury' -- 'The Ultimate Tank Movie'

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘I started this war killing Germans in Africa, now I’m killing Germans in Germany’

The American Nazi Party Is Also A Grammar Nazi Party

US | Eric Owens
Nazis Getty Image/Hulton Archive

‘Vee have vays of making you use tweet vell’

N is for Nazi: German cops say neo-Nazis are using Cookie Monster to recruit children

Education | Eric Owens
Cookie Monster YouTube screenshot/Sesame Street

‘It’s an attempt to make it seem harmless and everyday’

Nazi porn queen banned by German neo-Nazi party for porn sex with black dude

World | Eric Owens
Kitty Blair YouTube screenshot/kasuwelltv3

Now she may be blackballed from porn, too

Mongolian Neo-Nazis rebrand as environmentalists to harass foreign business

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
soccer Nazi. Source: BBC News

Expert says Mongolians are ‘quite capable of understanding irony’

Greek soccer player banned for life after Nazi salute celebration

Sports | Stuart Dezenhall
Greek Nazi Salute

Fans demand dismissal from Athens team

Chomsky compares Colin Powell to Nazi war criminal on Iranian state-run news

Politics | Caroline May
Noam Chomsky

‘So if von Ribbentrop was hanged…You know…Okay, fill it out’

Woman turns in historic Nazi assault rifle at Conn. gun buy-back - TheDC

Guns and Gear | Jessica Stanton
Sturmgewehr 44

‘It’s like finding the Babe Ruth of baseball cards’

The party of Godwin

Feature:Opinion | Michael Knowles

Why Democrats call Republicans “Nazis.”

Ask Matt Labash: Occupy Wall Street, Nazis vs. Commies and American whining - TheDC

Ask Matt Labash | Matt Labash
Wall Street Protest Whos in Charge

‘If Walt Whitman were alive today, he wouldn’t hear America singing. He’d hear it whining’

Red, White and Angry - TheDC

Politics | David Martosko
Wall Street Protest

Protests are ‘TAYLOR [sic] MADE for National Socialists, as well as WN [White Nationalists] who are serious about DOING SOMETHING’

Egyptian political leader says Holocaust was a lie - Washington Times

World | InternAdmin
Ahmed Ezz

Says stories about gas chambers and mass executions are ‘fanciful’

'You're standing by this??' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

CNN host questions Tennessee Democrat on hypocrisy of comparing GOP ‘lies’ to propaganda