IMPORTANT: Who Was The Bombshell Brunette Dancing Court-Side At Cavs-Warriors?

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She puts the ‘Fine’ in NBA ‘Fine-als’

Miami's LeBron and Bosh Recognize Spurs As The 'Better Team'

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San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan holds his children after the Spurs defeated Miami Heat in Game 5 of their NBA Finals in San Antonio

‘Best team I ever played against’

Spurs Set NBA Records In Game 3 Defeat Over Heat

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Spurs Thunder Basketball.JPEG

Their field goal percentage was through the roof

Tony Parker's last-second shot to beat the Heat

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Spurs guard seals the win in Game 1

Watch Tony Parker put the Spurs in the NBA Finals [VIDEO]

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Tony Parker Grizzlies

Parker’s 37 points bounce Memphis

MJ's flu game turns out to be a case of food poisoning

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Michael Jordan

‘The Bad Pizza From A Nearby Utah Restaurant Game’

Miami Heat celebrate their win with Neil Munro [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Miami Heat celebrate with Neil Munro

What better way to celebrate a sports championship than partying with Neil Munro?

Miami are Champs! James' triple-double lifts Heat to title - AP

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NBA Finals Basketball

‘My dream has become a reality now’

Should athletes tone down the toughness? - TheDC

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NBA Finals Basketball.JPEG

If a professional athlete has a cramp, we should baby their hardship and celebrate how awesome they are, right?

Not even a cramp in Lebron's style could stop the Heat [VIDEO] - TheDC

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LeBron helped the Heat beat the Thunder 104-98 in game 4 of the NBA finals despite severe cramps Tuesday night

Mavericks player will have trophy tattoo removed if Heat win Finals - ESPN

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Jason Terry

‘I definitely know that it will hurt worse if I have to take this thing off than it did putting it on’

Kobe says he is not the Lakers leak - USA Today

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If the Lakers locker room is leaking like a sieve, Bryant makes it clear he’s not the source

Bryant, Jackson exchange passive-aggressive criticisms - SB Nation

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Kobe took 22 shots in the game; no other Laker, and after the beatdown, Jackson seemed to blame Kobe’s selfishness for the loss

Heat head into Christmas showdown hoping they've found identity - LAT

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The game is between the Lakers and Miami Heat on Christmas Day, but so much of the focus will be on the big stars

A big 3: Allen shot helps Celtics send a chill into reloaded Heat - Boston Globe

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Celtics coach Doc Rivers was amazed by the magnitude of going against the new Big Three of James, Wade, and Chris Bosh

Celtics hope to add fourth Hall of Famer - Boston Globe

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The Celtics are turning to Shaquille O’Neal, 38, who has played with three teams in the past three years, for a one-year contract as a front court addition

Lakers-Celtics. Game 7. Enough said - LAT

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It’ll be a memorable night for the Lakers, for better or worse, with so many elements up for grabs, as if a Game 7 against the Boston Celtics needed to distinguish itself any further

Title and history are on the line as Celtics head to Game 7 - BOSTON GLOBE

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So now it comes down to a seventh game, on the road, against the West Coast brothers who seem to have been put on this earth to provide the Celtics with a measure of greatness

Lakers have to hope home is where their heart is - LAT

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Lakers fans hate to go there based on recent history, but it’s hard to avoid, seeing as how the teams have basically reverted to two years ago

Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers still complaining about referees - NBA FanHouse

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Jackson and Rivers spent the day making their cases with the NBA officials through the media, surely pushing the league’s tolerance threshold for such discussions