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Legendary basketball coach Bob Knight says NBA is raping college basketball

Texas Tech head coach Knight gestures to the crowd after his team defeated the New Mexico Lobos during their NCAA men's basketball game in Lubbock

He thinks they should take a page out of MLB’s book and require college

Mark Cuban thinks the NFL is going under in the next decade

Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team owner Mark Cuban arrives at the 41st American Music Awards in Los Angeles

The business tycoon and Mavericks owner thinks greed will do them in

Minnesota lawmaker's tweet about the NBA sparks outrage

Pat Garofalos tweet

The suggestion that folding the NBA might lead to an increase in crime was marked blatantly racist

Mark Cuban: 'There's no reason for the NCAA to exist. None'

Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team owner Mark Cuban arrives at the 41st American Music Awards in Los Angeles

‘A major college has to pretend that they’re treating them like a student-athlete, and it’s a big lie’

Is the NBA considering a four-point shot?

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Lakers

‘We’re looking at all sorts of things’

New Orleans Pelicans find even more ways to disturb you

new orleans pelicans king baby

If their main mascot wasn’t strange enough, now there’s a demonic baby involved

11 of the hottest basketball WAGs

You can find these ladies courtside

Ex-NBA player NOT sorry enough to donate money he earned from North Korean trip

He’s only sorry to the point where it actually affects him

JR Smith wins most creative defensive move against Mavericks

JR Smith unties shoes

Smith goes back to the playground for some inspiration to thwart Shawn Marion

Lamar Odom on all the drugs while trying to rap [VIDEO]

The basketball player mentions Kanye and cheating on wife Khloe Kardashain

Most convoluted baby mama story ever to come from sports world

Lakers Clippers Basketball.JPEG

You too can have children from a Heisman winner AND an NBA star

Almost half the NFL owners make Forbes' 400 richest Americans list

Rays Red Sox Baseball Romney.JPEG

18 other team owners crack the top 400 as well

The Charlotte 'Hornets' are back

Charlotte Bobcats

Michael Jordan: ‘Let’s bring the buzz back’

World Peace has come to New York City

Metta World PEace

World Peace said Monday that he was joining the New York Knicks because he wants to win

The battle to win Dwight Howard


Decisions, decisions, decisions

Best NBA video bombs of the year

On Monday, the NBA put out a video of the greatest video bombing of the year

NBA support of Obamacare would prove costly for league, players

Kathleen Sebelius

ATR study examines consequences of promotion

Cant beat the Heat

The Miami Heat won the championship last night over the Spurs, 95-88.

LeBron James throws up bricks as Spurs trounce Heat with non-stop 3 pointers

Spurs blowout miserable-looking Heat team in Game 3 win at home

Rodman calls LeBron an 'average player'

Rodman Basketball

In a radio interview Thursday, Rodman took LeBron on a time-traveling adventure