Salvini Now Says He'll Take In Migrants, But Will Impound The Vessel

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'Now, you'll carry this human load to the Netherlands'

Californians Have Only Weeks To Decide If They'll Reinstate The Right To Die

US | Grace Carr
'Ought to focus on delivering real healthcare and treatment choices'

One Dead, Three Injured After Van Slams Into Crowd At Dutch Music Festival

World | Vandana Rambaran
we cannot say whether this was something intentional or an accident

Katie Couric Apologizes After Making Some Odd Claims About The Dutch

Media | Gabrielle Okun
Thin ice

Suicide Group Membership Grows After Advertising 'Death Powder'

World | Grace Carr
'Last will'

Dutch Citizens Barred From Leaving Turkey For Supporting Opposition Movement

World | Jacob Bojesson
'Some of them may be connected to the Gulen movement'

Study Shows Meters For 'Smart Grids' Are Anything But Intelligent

Energy | Andrew Follett
The smart meters can overstate power consumption by a factor of six

Study: Over 90% Of UK Colleges Censor Speech

Education | Rob Shimshock
While Dutch politicians are pressuring their government to take action against anti-conservative bias

Online Drug Seller Likely Caught Due To License Plate, Online Account Being Identical

World | Eric Lieberman
So worth all of the pictures of his BMW

Another Man Dies In Tesla Wreck, Firefighters Feared Electrocution

Business | Chris White
'There are always going to be cases where something unexpected happens'

Netherlands' Most Popular Party Wants Ban On All Things Islam

World | Jacob Bojesson
Could become largest party in next election

Research Shows Refugees Entering Europe Are Not 'Scared Widows And Orphans'

World | Russ Read
Huge amounts of young, Middle Eastern men are seeking asylum in Europe

Study: Marijuana Makes People Less Aggressive

Energy | Craig Boudreau
'Diminishes aggressive feelings'

Countries Around The World Honor US Troops On Memorial Day

National Security | Connor D. Wolf
Their fight for freedom has impacted many.

Chart: Wood Produces More Energy Than Wind And Solar

Energy | Andrew Follett
Burning wood provides 9 percent of the world's energy

Congress: Wood Is Now 'Carbon-Neutral,' So Let's Burn It For Power

Energy | Michael Bastasch
That's what you get in an 800-page bill

Hundreds Of European Wind Turbines Are Operating At A Loss

Energy | Andrew Follett
Europe's most modern wind turbines are struggling to be profitable due to the inefficient subsidy structure.

Batteries Of The Future Could Be Made Of Bacteria

Energy | Andrew Follett
The battery could help wind and solar power become more viable

Employee Loyalty HACKED: 20% Would Sell Company Passwords For Cash

Business | Jonah Bennett
'The security perimeter for organizations all over the world has evaporated'

Greens Want To Sue Companies That Don't Care About 'Global Warming'

Energy | Andrew Follett
The governments of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have fallen victim to similar legal arguments.

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