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Saints clinch playoff berth with Monday Night victory - AP

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints showed the high-flying Atlanta Falcons they’re not ready to give up their crown just yet

Intruder breaks into home, vomits into toilet - WXIN

Indiana family called police when the drunk man locked himself in their bathroom

Cross-dressing hooker shot after 'date' - WWLTV

‘A self-admitted prostitute who dresses as a female’ was shot after engaging in sexual acts with the shooter

Debt escalating, Hornets are purchased by N.B.A. - NYT

The N.B.A. took the extraordinary step Monday of buying the New Orleans Hornets, one of the league’s most financially troubled franchises, after a deal for the sale of the club fell apart

With ACORN, where there's smoke... - TheDC

How ACORN got half a million in taxpayer dollars for ‘fire prevention’

Lakers have no defense for their first loss - LAT

Shannon Brown, of all people, tried to keep the Lakers among the undefeated, but it all dissolved in front of an overjoyed Pepsi Center crowd, the Denver Nuggets dropping the Lakers on Thursday, 118-112

Rex and Rob Ryan are still talking trash - NYT

The Ryan rivalry will continue Sunday, when Rex Ryan’s Jets travel to Cleveland, where Rob Ryan is the Browns’ defensive coordinator

Vick to teammates: Think Super Bowl - Philadelphia Inquirer

‘I told Andy [Reid] the other day, we have a great chance of winning this thing,’ Michael Vick told the Eagles’ website Wednesday morning. He was not talking about winning the division, either

Killer cops in your town

Is police brutality on the rise?

Distractions, distractions

A young conservative female defends herself against attacks from Emily’s List and the left.

Falcons just turned into team we expected last season - AJC

The Falcons defeated the New Orleans Saints in overtime Sunday, 27-24. Had they lost, they still would have been publicly embraced for their performance. Instead, they won, and their stature grew

Saints remain an undefeated work-in-progress - SI

For the second game in a row, the Saints won, but their offense sputtered at times and didn’t look like the same club that rolled up on the opposition last season

Dept. of Justice expected to sue BP - LAT

Gulf oil spill: U.S. may sue oil companies

In the heat of NFL camp, the hunger of faith - NYT

For Minnesota Vikings defensive back Husain Abdullah, the most important clock inside the Metrodome was not the one keeping time for his team’s recent preseason game with the Seattle Seahawks

Katrina demonstrated the danger of big government

As government grows, it becomes more bureaucratic and less able to respond to crises.

New Orleans should be thankful for George W. Bush

New Orleans is protected better today than at any time in its history. That’s because of Bush.

Even Katrina had a silver lining

A lot of good has come from Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, which gave New Orleanians an opportunity to remake a broken city.

'Hallowed Ground' - AP

Memories of chaos, rebirth 5 years after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Katrina's legacy of health concerns - FOX News

A study released this week linked the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history with a high incidence of anxiety in Gulf Coast-area children displaced by the hurricane

Government: the greatest villain in Katrina tragedy

Five years after Hurricane Katrina, the biggest adversary for the people of Louisiana continues to be government at all levels — local, state and especially federal.