The U-bend: Life begins at 46

Opinion | Mark Judge

Why your life may be about to get happier.

TheDC Morning: Joe Biden doesn't know how to feel about WikiLeaks, chooses to feel everything - TheDC

| Mike Riggs

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Human rights v. reality in the Maghreb

Opinion | Elizabeth Blackney

Americans should be supporting Morocco, not Algeria, in the cold war between the two North African countries.

'War criminal' lands UN gig - NY Post

World | wrahn

Man who allegedly played a key role in the slaughter of 40,000 civilians in Sri Lanka has landed a cushy job at the UN — with full diplomatic immunity

No ghostwriter for me

Opinion | Kristin Davis

New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis refutes allegations that she used “cheat sheets” during last week’s gubernatorial debate.

Keith Olbermann has a strange obsession with laughing at humiliated female models - TheDC

US | Ruth Graham

We watch, because we’re paid to

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening headed for splitsville? - Chicago Sun-Times

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

While Annette Bening’s publicist calls ‘ridiculous’ rumors her marriage with Warren Beatty is in trouble, some longtime friends of the couple say they are concerned

The American taxpayer is paying for the Ground Zero Mosque

Opinion | Benny Johnson

This is yet another obtuse, politically cumbersome move made by an administration crippled by its need for multicultural adoration

Barney Frank's one dollar fare conundrum and the ruling class

Opinion | Tim Daniel

Last Friday residents thousands of miles away in New York witnessed something similar but quite different: an aggravated, disheveled, undocumented senior citizen

Purple Nation: Transparency by 'shorts' on 'for-profit' schools needed too

Opinion | Lanny Davis

We need oversight and regulation for sure. We also need full disclosure and transparency by short-seller critics — for sure too

Money, Power and Greed: The disposable CEO

Opinion | Bill Regardie

So, there is an afterlife for the greedy CEO after all …

High noon for Naked Cowboy and Cowgirl - NY Post

US | interns

New York’s Naked Cowboy is demanding that former stripper Sandy Kane stop calling herself the Naked Cowgirl or pay a franchise fee for the name

GOP pol indictment is bunk

Opinion | Roscoe Conkling

New York’s political scene was rocked this week when a GOP consultant was charged with stealing $1.1 million from Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Give ’em hell, harridan!

Feature:Opinion | Ken Blackwell

The Helen Thomas episode is only underscored by the progressives heckling Madame Speaker at a progressive lunch, demanding an end to U.S. support for Israel. Let’s all hope that all Americans who care about Israel take note of who their real friends are

The Obama doctine: Marching Long Gray Line into gray fog

Feature:Opinion | Ken Blackwell

At the very time the President seeks to engage “soft power”–economic and non-military resources, his policies are rendering that power ineffective

Census official fires back over employment figures - The Daily Caller

Politics | Mike Riggs

The online comments section of the New York Post became a forum for Census officials to refute a columnist’s claims that the Census gamed its employment numbers

NYPD could be told to 'shoot to wound' dangerous suspects - NY Post

US | Jeff Winkler (admin)

New York cops oppose bill that would take away their ‘shoot to kill’ right in situations of imminent danger

Gutting the Gulf’s first responders

Feature:Opinion | Ken Blackwell

Is DHS punishing the Coast Guard because it’s not unionized?