West Virginia Democrat Scrutinized Over Mine Explosion

Politics | Peter Fricke

Attack ad on behalf of Nick Rahall may have backfired

Forty-One Senators Push For Repeal Of Obama's Cap-And-Trade Rule

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‘All pain, no gain’

Vulnerable Democrats Fight EPA's CO2 Emissions Rule

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‘Nick Rahall talks tough now’

White House meeting raises hackles of blue dog Democrats, coal industry

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Joe Manchin

‘They’re using every tool they have to destroy the most abundant, reliable and affordable resource that we have’

Critics 'connect the dots' on Obama admin cost estimates

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‘There are probably drug dealers that are more open and honest than the EPA was on this thing’

Watchdogs demand ethics investigation for West Virginia congressman - TheDC

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Nick Rahall

Rep. Nick Rahall reportedly took unethical tax deductions in Washington, D.C.

Sixteen House Democrats voted for anti-abortion bill that DCCC is vilifying - TheDC

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Paul Ryan and Todd Akin

DCCC targets GOP candidates for supporting 2011 bill to ‘redefine rape’

W.Va. Democrats distance themselves from Obama by skipping national convention - TheDC

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W.Va. Democrats distance themselves from Obama by skipping national convention

Key Dem suggests imposing higher gas tax - The Hill

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West Virginia Rep. Nick Rahall looks to finance proposed transportation bill with higher taxes

Congress launches counteroffensive to Obama's war on fossil fuels - TheDC Opinion

Energy | Deneen Borelli

A bipartisan coalition in Congress is finally pushing back against the president’s progressive energy agenda.

Long-serving Minn. Rep. Oberstar faces real race - AP

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Now in his 36th year as a congressman, Oberstar has never gotten less than 59 percent of the vote

Over the Capitol Hill - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jonathan Strong

In terms of old geezers, this Congress is setting all kinds of records. There are painful realities that come with the oldest Congress in history

On The Verge

| Jon Ward
Abortion remains last obstacle as historic vote expected in hours