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The UN Human Rights Council Is Full Of Dictatorships -- So We Left

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Bye bye

Nikki Haley And Bernie Sanders Get Into Heated Battle Over UN Report On American Poverty

Politics | Julia Nista
Loads of fire ...

Nikki Haley Sticks It To The UN -- Ditches The Human Rights Council With A Blazing Dress Down

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'A cesspool of political bias'

Jordanian Prince Calls Out Trump On Human Rights

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'Such abuse on children is unconscionable'

Report: US Expected To Leave UN Human Rights Council

World | Hanna Bogorowski

Nikki Haley Slams Latest UN Resolution About Israel

World | Evie Fordham
'One-sided resolutions at the U.N. do nothing to advance peace'

U.S. Calls For Emergency Meeting Of U.N. Following Mortar Fire From Gaza Into Israel

World | Julia Nista
Lots of tension along the border

Chelsea Handler Falsely Claims Gaza Protesters 'Had No Weapons,' Then Drops Bizarre Hitler Comparison

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'It would be like Hitler saying Auschwitz is all about HELPING...'

When The Palestinians Blamed Israel For Violence At The UN, Nikki Haley's Response Stuns The Room

World | Benny Johnson
Haley then blocked a call for a UN investigation into Israel's role in the violent clashes.

The UN Is Trying To Force Americans Into A 'Legally Binding' Climate Pact. Nikki Haley Says That's Not Gonna Happen

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Not in our interests'

'Taking Names': Nikki Haley Dropped A Rhetorical MOAB On The UN

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'...we said we would be taking names.'

Nikki Haley Rips Hamas For Using Human Shields And UN Buildings For Cover

World | Joseph Lafave
"it's difficult to think of a more cowardly act"

Ana Navarro: Trump Holds Positions 'For Less Time Than You Would Hold A Yoga Position'

Media | Virginia Kruta
'...time and time again.'

CHAOS In The White House! Not Actually, Larry Kudlow Apologized To Nikki Haley And Had A Nice Chat

Politics | Will Racke
'Totally wrong'

Nikki Haley Slams Iran For Supplying Houthi Rebels

World | Joseph Lafave
'Something has to change'

Nikki Haley Laid Out 3 Goals For Syria, And It Sounds Like American Troops Aren't Leaving Any Time Soon

Defense | Will Racke
'We're not going to leave until we know...'

There's A New Sheriff In Town: Haley Tells UN That If Trump Draws A Red Line, He's Going to Enforce It

World | Ryan Pickrell
'When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line'

Nikki Haley Puts Russian Envoy On A Spit, Roasts Him Over A Piping Hot Fire

Defense | Will Racke
'I'm in awe'

'Hands Are All Covered In The Blood Of Syrian Children' -- Nikki Haley Condemns Russia In Striking UN Speech

Video | Amber Athey

Nikki Haley: US Joins 8 Other Countries In Calling For Emergency Security Council Meeting On Syria

World | Virginia Kruta
'...this atrocious act.'

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