Google Chairman: Feds Can Blame Themselves For New Phone Encryption

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘The people who are criticizing this should have expected this’

Wikileaks Founder Dubs Google The 'Privatized NSA'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘People who use Google are the product’

Justice Department Halts Rand Paul's NSA Lawsuit

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Paul accuses government of ‘stalling’ in case over warrantless surveillance of Americans’ phone calls

Can The DOJ Seize Emails From American Companies Stored Anywhere On Earth?

Opinion | Zack Christenson
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gestures as he speaks during his keynote address at the company's "build" conference in San Francisco

If so, it would have major ramifications for their ability to do business.

Hackers Steal Usernames And Passwords Of 5,000 Government Recruiters From NSA And Other Services

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Professor of political science at Boston University, Neta Crawford poses for a portrait with anthropologist Catherine Lutz after discussing a new study that re-calculates the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in New York

Hackers could pose as agency recruiters to access sensitive information

Largest U.S. Bank Hacked With Mercenary Computer Network, Sent Data To Russia

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Network used in previous attacks

Ex-NSA Chief Keith Alexander Says JPMorgan Hack Proves U.S. Financial System Is 'Vulnerable'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
General Keith Alexander arrives at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in Washington

‘They just sent a real message: ‘You’re vulnerable’

FBI, NSA Investigating Whether Russia Hacked U.S. Banks To Retaliate For Sanctions

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Attacks left digital evidence of government involvement

NSA Built Its Own Secret Google To Search And Share Billions Of Calls, Emails

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘A one-stop shopping tool’ to search emails, web chats, calls, etc.

FISA Court Orders Government To Release Opinion Justifying Bulk Phone Data Collection

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Alexander speaks alongside Inglis, Clapper and Cole at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington,

Court seeks to ‘enhance public understanding’

The Phony Scandal Presidency

Opinion | Rep. Darrell Issa
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to reporters about new sanctions imposed on Russia as he departs the White House

There’s nothing phony about a world on fire and a domestic policy in shambles.

Edward Snowden's Russian Asylum Expires Today

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Protesters supporting Snowden hold a photo of him during a demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong

‘We hope that the issue will be resolved today or tomorrow’

Former NSA Chief Justifies Charging $1 Million A Month For Cyber-Security Expertise

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
General Keith Alexander arrives at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in Washington

Former spy chief plans to revolutionize cyber-security

Edward Snowden Is Running Out Of Time To Cut A Deal With NSA, Spy Agency Reports

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘As time goes on, his information becomes less useful’

NSA Reform Bill Likely To Surface In Senate Next Week

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
An illustration picture shows the logo of the U.S. National Security Agency on the display of an iPhone in Berlin

USA Freedom Act to get vote ahead of August recess

Senate 'Within Inches' Of NSA Reform Ahead Of August Recess

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy is joined by representatives as they announce legislation to restore key provisions of the Voting Rights Act, in Washington

Bill will reportedly create ‘clear cut guidelines of what [intelligence agencies] can and cannot do’

Apple Denies Building Back Doors For Government Surveillance

Tech | Josh Evans

‘We have designed iOS so that its diagnostic functions do not compromise user privacy and security’

The Clown Car of Freedom And The Administration's National Security Circus

Opinion | Tony Shaffer
U.S. President Barack Obama makes remarks on the economy at the Georgetown Waterfront Park in Washington

Team Obama has no idea what they’re doing, but they’re putting on quite a show.