Iran's Supreme Leader Closes Door On More Talks With US

World | Ivan Plis
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves as he delivers a speech during a gathering by Iranian forces, in Tehran

‘Even during the nuclear negotiations [the U.S.] tried to harm our national interests’

Iran Debates Whether America Is Now Just A Medium-Sized Satan

World | Ivan Plis

‘Perhaps we should use ‘lesser Satan’ now’

Dick Cheney Calls Iran Deal 'Madness'

World | Ivan Plis

‘Providing them with a pathway to a nuclear arsenal is not an act of peace’

Chief Of Iran's Elite Guard Corps Says Hostility With US 'Has Increased'

World | Ivan Plis

So we’re not making nice yet

Rubio, Republicans Go Nuclear On John Kerry In Tense Hearing

Politics | Ivan Plis

Marco gets in the weeds with Kerry

White House's @TheIranDeal Twitter Feed Gets Trolled By @TheIranBomb And @TheIranMeal

World | Ivan Plis

‘Obama wanting to get his hands on the best gosh darn pistachios on earth’

UN's Preemptive Approval Of Iran Nuke Deal Rankles Congress, Foreign Policy Hawks

World | Ivan Plis

Tom Cotton says it enables ‘radical, anti-American, outlaw regime’

The Iran Deal Could Be A Boon For Silicon Valley

World | Ivan Plis

Young Iranians ‘all want to be Steve Jobs’

The 5 Biggest Winners Of Obama's Big Nuke Deal -- Aside From Iran

World | Ivan Plis

Hamas, Hezbollah and Putin, oh my!

State Sponsorship Of Terror Disqualifies Iran From Good-Faith Agreements

Opinion | Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick

I will only support this deal if it meets the simple benchmark of forever preventing a nuclear Iran.

Iran's Supreme Leader Attacks Israel, United States On Twitter

Video | Ivan Plis

‘How can #Israel be eliminated?’

The Gathering Danger Of Iran Is Greater Than ISIS.

Opinion | Robert G. Kaufman

A nuclear-armed revolutionary state is a bigger threat than a gang of savages in the desert.

Source: Iran Tested Detonators For Nuclear Weapons Unknown To IAEA

World | Reza Kahlili

But the Islamic Republic denies

Iran Throws Monkey Wrench Into Nuclear Deal

World | Reza Kahlili

‘The Obama administration and its allies were drunken happy after the initial agreement’

Leading Iranian ayatollah: Islamic messiah 'will behead Western leaders'

World | Reza Kahlili

‘Imam will not harm the oppressed nations’

Iranian president, regime officials threaten 'defensive' missile attacks against West

World | Reza Kahlili

‘We have recognized America’s military strategy and have arranged our abilities’

The Senate must act to strengthen Iran sanctions

Opinion | Shane Osborn

The secret deal in Geneva means we can’t trust the administration to crack down

Iran: Obama has accepted our nuclear enrichment

World | Reza Kahlili

‘America has surrendered to the will of the Islamic Republic’