SHOCKER: Absurdly Expensive College Faces $5 MILLION Budget Crisis After Radical Loons Run Wild

Education | Eric Owens
Oberlin protesters YouTube screenshot/Charles N Jackson

Who could have predicted people don’t want to pay $69,372 per year for such shenanigans?

Major Enviro Leader Wants To Use America's Defense Budget To Fight Climate War

Energy | Andrew Follett

‘We’re at war, we’re just not fighting back’

'Gayest College In America' Still Isn't Gay-Friendly Enough

Education | Eric Owens
tragedy candles Shutterstock/Smileus

‘Many of my friends who use they/them/theirs pronouns are still misgendered’

America's Looniest College FINALLY Places Its Looniest Conspiracy-Spewing Professor On (PAID) Leave

Education | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/Oberlin College, Getty Images/Spencer Platt

Does anybody really pay $66,602 per year for this CRAP? Besides Lena Dunham, of course…

Lena Dunham Now Says Sushi Is Cultural Appropriation

Entertainment | Anders Hagstrom
Lena Dunham

The school’s ‘insensitive’ use of Japanese food needs to stop

What's Going On At Oberlin College Is ABSURD

Education | Kelly McDonald
Oberlin College Peters Hall

This is crazy

College Students Once Again Hallucinate KKK On Campus

Education | Blake Neff
KKK Ku Klux Klan (Creative Commons;,_Ku_Klux_Klan_Grand_Dragon,_July_24,_1948.jpg)

KKK hallucinations are oddly common on American campuses

Washington College Students Demand Entirely New College Dedicated To Social Justice

Education | Blake Neff
Maoist Red Guards [Wikipedia/Public domain]

They also want the power to fire faculty members who engage in microaggressions

Hispanic Students At Duke Demand A Nicer Office, Free Trophies

Education | Blake Neff
YouTube screenshot Duke University

Hispanic Students Demand That Duke Give Them A Nicer Office, Trophies

Oberlin President Tells Fussy Student Activists To Take A Hike

Education | Blake Neff
Rejected [Getty Images]

Refuses to respond to 14-page list of demands

Menu Microaggression: College Students Declare Ethnic Food To Be Racist

Education | Derek Hunter

Oberlin students declare Asian food served in school dining halls to be an appropriation of their culture

Oberlin Students' List Of Demands Is Awesomely Insane

Education | Blake Neff
This May 15, 2013 file photo shows stacks of paperwork awaiting members of the House Agriculture Committee, on Capitol Hill in Washington, as it met to consider proposals to the 2013 Farm Bill. The Senate has rejected an amendment By Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla. to turn the federal food stamp program over to the states. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

50 demands include firing professor they don’t like, admitting ex-cons

College Administrator Shreds The Constitution On Hidden Camera

Education | Christian Datoc

‘The Constitution is an oppressive document.’

Academics Issue Amazing Diatribe Against Liberal 'Trigger Warnings'

Education | Blake Neff

‘The academy must stand firm as a place that is open to diverse ideas’

Michelle Obama: Global Warming Is The New Civil Rights Movement

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Michelle Obama gives Prince George and Princess Charlotte gifts

‘These are the revolutions of your time’

Oberlin Cancels 'Viet Cong' Concert Due To 'Offensive' Name

Education | Ashley Rae Goldenberg

The name ‘deeply offends and hurts Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities’

Oberlin Students Beg School Not To Fail Students Who Were Too Busy Protesting

Education | Blake Neff

‘No student especially black students…should be failing a class this semester’