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Defiant Occupy Wall Street Goon Gets 90 Days For Vicious Elbow To Cop's Head

Prosecutors also suggested therapy for ‘anger issues’

Occupy founder wants to replace Obama with Google's executive chairman

Photo illustration of Google logo is reflected on the screen of a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone

‘I think we just need to start over’

New Socialist member settles in at Seattle city council


‘This is a turning point in the history of the United States’

Pepper-spraying campus cop awarded settlement

Pepper-spraying cop John Pike at UC Davis

Video of officer went viral as rallying cry for Occupy Wall Street

Eye on socialism: Protecting $100,000-a-year teachers from 'depredations of the 1 per cent'

Lenin. Photo: Getty Images

In the age of Obama, big-government leftists are crazy and apoplectic as ever

Documents reveal DHS monitored Occupy protests daily as matter of policy

Occupy Wall St. - One Year Anniversary

‘The federal agencies’ actions were not because Occupy represented a terrorist threat’

Menendez donor leveraged 'Occupy' movement to take aim at Bank of America - TheDC

Occupy Homes.JPEG

Dr. Salomon Melgen launched anti-bank ‘Too Big To Care’ campaign in 2011

Federal Reserve, FBI spied on Occupy Wall Street movement, documents show - TheDC

Federal Reserve.JPEG

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond partnered with FBI to monitor Occupy in 2011

Occupy Wall Street denies and denounces Ahmadinejad - TheDC

Mideast Irans Nuclear Narrative Analysis.JPEG

Activists say press reports about an Ahmadinejad-OWS meet-up are ‘nonsense propaganda’

Occupy Wall Street organizer jailed - TheDC

Photo Credit: Josh Peterson / The Daily Caller

Protest ringleader shipped to Rikers Island for vandalizing train seats

Occupy Wall Street chief organizer unravels, ponders calling it quits - TheDC

Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

‘I’m tired of this. I’m tired of them. … I’m tired of this whole f**king thing’

Nearly 200 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in New York - NYT

Occupy Wall St. - One Year Anniversary

‘People’s Wall’ around Wall Street dismantled, shipped to jail in paddywagons

Elizabeth Warren whips up envy and rage

The disturbing demagoguery of Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

MassGOP delivers birthday cake to Elizabeth Warren, 'matriarch' of Occupy Wall Street - TheDC

Elizabeth Warren

Republicans make Warren eat her words claiming credit for OWS protests

Occupy, NYPD clash in lead-up to first anniversary - TheDC

Occupy arrest in New York City

National Lawyers Guild estimates 51 arrests between Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon

Twitter surrenders Occupy activist tweets to NY court - TheDC

Occupy Protest Anniversary

The move comes as a blow to Twitter, once held up by technology futurists and free speech activists as a paramount of the free flow of information.

Wall Street 'occupiers' prepare for possible NYPD hostility - TheDC

APTOPIX Wall Street Protest

Organizer: ‘Are we wary? Absolutely’

Occupy Wall Street not talking with NYPD about first-anniversary protests - TheDC

Occupy National Gathering

Main protest event scheduled in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday

Occupy Wall Street gears up for first anniversary in New York City - TheDC

Occupy Wall Street

‘You’ll see Occupy pop into view soon’