Twitter surrenders Occupy activist tweets to NY court - TheDC

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Occupy Protest Anniversary

The move comes as a blow to Twitter, once held up by technology futurists and free speech activists as a paramount of the free flow of information.

Wall Street 'occupiers' prepare for possible NYPD hostility - TheDC

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APTOPIX Wall Street Protest

Organizer: ‘Are we wary? Absolutely’

Occupy Wall Street not talking with NYPD about first-anniversary protests - TheDC

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Occupy National Gathering

Main protest event scheduled in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday

Occupy Wall Street gears up for first anniversary in New York City - TheDC

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Occupy Wall Street

‘You’ll see Occupy pop into view soon’

Hong Kong stamps out last major 'occupy' camp - Bloomberg

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(AP Photo)

Global protest movement loses last holdout

Jay-Z has 99 problems and Occupy Wall Street is one - TheDC

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The rapper said he could not support the movement because it does not have a clear message

Sex, drugs and 'Occupy': Nighttime in Charlotte - TheDC

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Occupy Charlotte

‘We are all just really close. There’s no one that you don’t know’

Occupy RNC ends in tears, frustration - TheDC

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Sad RNC protester

Protesters sob in each other’s arms mourning missed opportunity

Reporter's Notebook: Children of 'Occupy Tampa' [PHOTOS] - TheDC

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Occupy mom leading kids into the fray

Smiling one minute and terrified the next, kids as young as six are used as activists’ pawns

Dispatches from Tampa: RNC in photos, day 1 [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Here, Occupy Wall Street protestors face off against police in riot gear — even in the rain

Bozell: Where were the calls for civility during Occupy Wall Street? - TheDC

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Bozell: Where were the calls for civility during Occupy Wall Street? [VIDEO]

The anti-Occupy message of Batman

Opinion | Robby Soave

The film’s politics are not left-wing.

'Anonymous' members plan 'Occupy the White House' for Guy Fawkes Day - TheDC

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Guy Fawkes mask at Occupy DC

Celebrating Gunpowder Plot anniversary, group promises, ‘this protest will be more than just a simple march’

Iranian insider: Israel will be destroyed if the West attacks Syria - TheDC

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Hassan Abbasi

Khamenei adviser: Attack on ‘Zionists’ is America’s ‘sword of Damocles’

Occupy Your Wallet: Movement plans to rubber-stamp currency - TheDC

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Dollar Bills

If you read ‘Not to be used for bribing politicians’ on a dollar bill, thank Ben and Jerry’s co-founder

O'Reilly claims Occupy 'terrorists' tried to provoke him - TheDC

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‘I was confronted by an Occupy Wall Street guy who was very obnoxious, came within inches of my face’

How to explain capitalism to an Occupy Wall Street protester

Opinion | David Cohen

Yes, it’s possible.

Twitter tells NY state court to shove it - CNET

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Twitter filed a motion yesterday in support of the defendant’s motion to quash the subpoena.

Official tweets socialist applause - TheDC

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May Day Protests

‘Happy May Day! #solidarity’

Lovitz explains his anti-Obama taxation rant to Dr. Drew - TheDC

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Comedian: ‘I’m a Democrat,’ but do not appreciate ‘the one percent versus the 99 percent’ talk