Students In San Diego Film Once-In-A-Lifetime Ocean Spectacle [VIDEO]

Education | Eric Owens

There’s some huge glob in the ocean! Let’s go swim in it!

Fiendish Flipper: Dolphins will rape and kill you [VIDEO]

Video | Sarah Hofmann

These aren’t the cuddly sea mammals we’re led to believe they are

Don't freak out about rising sea levels

Opinion | Anthony Watts

Don’t worry: New York City isn’t going to be underwater anytime soon.

Ice cap losses and their ice age explanation - Yahoo News

Tech | interns

New study slashes estimate of icecap loss

Gulf seafood gets intense safety testing - AP

Business | admin

More Gulf waters are reopening to commercial hauls as tests show little hazard from oil, and Louisiana’s fall shrimp season kicks off Monday

Gulf coast residents ask: Now what? - AP

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After three long months, the bleeding from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico has been finally, mercifully stanched

Undersea cable set to boost West Africa broadband - Reuters

Tech | interns

A new undersea internet cable between West Africa and Europe is now live

BP sucking it up - oil siphon plan finding success - AP

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Oil company engineers on Sunday finally succeeded in keeping some of the oil gushing from a blown well out of the Gulf of Mexico

Boat with containment box at site of blown out well - AP

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A boat carrying a 100-ton concrete-and-steel contraption arrived at the oil well spewing hundreds of thousands gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico

Oil spill could reek havoc on east coast of Florida - Gainesville Sun

Energy | Pat McMahon

Expert on ocean currents believes beaches from Miami to Jacksonville could face the brunt of the impact from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Oil spill creeps toward Gulf coast - AP

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This time, it’s not a hurricane that threatens to wreck Mississippi livelihoods — it’s a blob of black ooze slowly making its way toward the Gulf Coast

Scientists discover undersea superhighway - ScienceDaily

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Working in a rare, “natural seafloor laboratory” of hydrothermal vents that had just been rocked by a volcanic eruption, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and other institutions have discovered what they believe is an undersea superhighway

Cruise ship struck by freak wave

World | Pat McMahon

A cruise ship was struck by a 26 foot, rogue wave, killing two passengers

Wave of Relief - AP

US | Jeff Winkler (admin)

A tsunami triggered by the massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile reached Hawaii today. But while the extent of the damage was not immediately clear, the initial waves did not appear to be serious, looking more like an extreme fluctuation in the tide than a giant tsunami.