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Congressional 'insider trading' whistleblower: Spencer Bachus a scapegoat - TheDC

Author Peter Schweizer says reported congressional probe was leaked to create a perception of being ‘tough’ on the issue

CREW to congressmen: Get a room! - TheDC

The organization CREW argues members of Congress have no business sleeping in their congressional offices, which ‘are not dorms or frat houses’

Voters unhappy with Congressional ethics - TheDC

A recent poll reveals voters in battleground districts believe Pelosi has failed to “drain the swamp”

Pelosi's Office of Congressional Ethics a hindrance to ethical reform - TheDC

Nancy Pelosi’s pet ethics initiative, the OCE, got off to an inauspicious start and has left enemies simmering

The Democrats' new/old southern strategy

In the 45 years since the inception of Civil Rights legislation in America, Democrats have taken blacks from the back of the Democrat bus, propelled them up to the front of the bus when the microphones and the cameras were in evidence – festooning their likeness throughout – and then chucked them unceremoniously under the bus in order to get back what they consider their lost redneck voters

Fund-raisers before House vote on financial overhaul examined - NYT

Eight members solicited and took large contributions from financial institutions as they were debating the landmark regulatory bill

CBC leading effort to try and gut ethics committee - Politico

House Dems, led by the Congressional Black Caucus, are seeking to limit the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics

Who's playing fair? - USA Today

Watchdog groups urge Pelosi to support Office of Congressional Ethics