office of the director of national intelligence

Intel Chief: Leaks 'Jeopardize' Lives, Damage National Security

National Security | Russ Read
'Lives are at stake in many instances, and leaks jeopardize those lives'

Here's What Former Spooks Say About The 'Damage Assessment' On Trump's Russia Disclosures

US | Ryan Pickrell
'The left is trying to hurt the president'

Report: NSA Ready To Share Intel Docs With Congress But DNI Blocking Transfer

Politics | Kerry Picket
'It's a slow process'

UK's Boris Johnson Says Russia's Been Up To 'All Sorts Of Dirty Tricks'

World | Eric Lieberman
'Russians are capable of doing that'

Congress Wants To Know If The US Could Best China, Russia In A Nuclear War

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Reviewing their 'survivability'

US Intel Chief Confirms Russia Penetrated Both Democratic And Republican Parties

National Security | Russ Read
'There's no doubt they hit an RNC domain'

DNI Report: Russia Has Been Trying To Influence U.S. Elections For Decades

US | Eric Lieberman
'In the 1970s, the KGB' wanted 'information about then-presidential hopeful Jimmy Carter's campaign'

U.S. Intelligence Report Has No Evidence To Back Hacking Allegations, Focuses Heavily On Russian TV Network

US | Alex Pfeiffer
More pages devoted to RT than to hacking

Intel Report: Russia Hacked US Government, Think Tanks To Gather Intel On Future Trump Administration

National Security | Russ Read
The attack came right after Trump was elected in November

Intel Report Warns Russia May Try To Hack Elections 'Worldwide'

National Security | Russ Read
Russia will likely target U.S. allies

CONFIRMED: After $5,000 Payment Offered, Podesta Said, 'I'll Call Her'

Politics | JP Carroll
Lobbyist on Cuba issues reached out to Podesta about meeting top Obama aide

US Intelligence Community 'Confident' Russia Is Behind Recent Political Hacks

World | Russ Read
'These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process'

Foreign Hackers Spying On Campaigns

Elections | Jackson Richman
'Targeted by actors with a variety of motivations'

Obama Admin Releases Stunning New Numbers On Gitmo Detainees

World | Jonah Bennett
Americans oppose closing the facility

Analysts Separately Complain Superiors Are Modifying ISIS Reports To Make Obama Look Good

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Analysts are in open 'revolt'

Intelligence Experts Bemoan That The Intelligence Community Is White And Male

Politics | Jonah Bennett
These experts want more diversity

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