Gunman Ambushes Two NYPD Officers, Two Dead

US | Justin Caruso
An NYPD logo is pictured (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

Suspect named Manuel Rosales

Florida cops banned from wearing grillz - Miami Herald

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Broward County, Fla. Sheriff’s office is prohibits officers from wearing non-traditional jewelry and visible tattoos

Drunk, old dude drives the wrong way down a highway - WLKY

| Pat McMahon

Kentucky police busted the man for drunken driving and reckless driving

Moron busted for DUI, while watching a porno - WISH

| Pat McMahon

Indianpolis police arrested the man after his vehicle weaved in between lines, crashed into police car

The Stanford Prison Experiment at America's airports

Opinion | Theo Caldwell

It’s human nature to abuse authority, which is what TSA agents are doing.

Wife from hell bites off husband's tongue during kiss - Sheboygan Press

| Pat McMahon

Wisconsin woman was found singing Christmas carols outside her home when police arrived

13-year-old busted for going on 100 MPH joyride in SUV - KETV

| Pat McMahon

Middle schoolers went on joyride, leading cops to believe it was a drunk driver

Alvin Greene: 'I was Born to be President, I'll Sue Y'all' - Free Times

Politics | Pat McMahon

South Carolina’s 2010 Democratic Senate nominee launches into bizarre rants during court hearing, threatens to sue newspaper

San Diego policeman, 2 others dead after shootout - AP

US | admin

The eight-hour siege ended Thursday with the death of a police officer, his suspected killer and another person

Police find possible drug lab at Georgetown dorm - CNN

US | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Authorities have arrested two Georgetown University students and another person in connection to a suspected drug lab found inside a dormitory Saturday morning

Donut thief urinates, solicits cop for sex - The Smoking Gun

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When apprised that she was under arrest for vehicle burglary, trespassing, and indecent exposure, suspect noted that she was ‘sitting on [her] money maker’

Pakistani identified as al Qaeda top brass - Washington Times

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Pakistani identified as al Qaeda top brass

So you're saying there's a chance - FOX News

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Florida police officer and two dispatchers are fired for staging a crime report in an attempt to bring couple back together

Death threat lands Univ. of Florida player in jail - AP

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Florida’s Chris Rainey arrested, charged with stalking

Protest turns violent as LAPD defends shooting - LAT

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For a second day, LAPD riot officers battle crowd protesting the fatal police shooting of knife-wielding man

Man arrested for videotaping police from porch - The Saratogian

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Man cited, arrested for filming alleged police beating of student

Paris Hilton thought cocaine in purse was gum - People

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Paris Hilton’s purse contained .8 grams of cocaine, cigarette wrappers commonly used for marijuana and a broken tablet of Albuterol when she was searched after a traffic stop

Drunk housewife gets DUI at elementary school - WFTV

| Pat McMahon

Florida woman pulled into the bus loop and struck a van, police determined her blood-alcohol content was .241

Guards torture inmate over the course of several months - AP

| admin

Nicholas Pinto was left comatose after enduring months of physical, mental, and sexual abuse in prison

Creepy driver pulled over while using a sex toy - Cincinnati Enquirer

| Pat McMahon

Colondra Hamilton, an Ohio woman, was busted with a sex toy on her lap and a porno playing on a laptop in the passenger seat