What unrest in Egypt means for oil prices at home

Energy | David Holt

The crisis in Egypt is yet another reminder of why the US needs to end its reliance on foreign oil.

TheDC Morning: DHS wants to see you naked pretty much all the time - TheDC

| Mike Riggs

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

The 112th's job: Boosting business confidence

Energy | Karen Kerrigan

The new Congress needs to go beyond unwinding the policy mess created by the last Congress.

Administration invokes 'yellow peril' to peddle green energy

Energy | Bonner Cohen

The US is indeed in danger of losing the “energy race” to China, but not for the reason the administration thinks.

Obama tax will kill energy jobs -- Joseph R. Mason

Opinion | New York Post

The president’s energy tax plan will kill 150,000 jobs.

The clash of civilizations: "green" vs. "red, white and blue"

Energy | Marita Noon

How the environmentalist movement is weakening the West — and strengthening our enemies.

Dems use oil spill as excuse to raise energy taxes

Editorial | Chris Prandoni

Although these bills are broadly referred to as “spill bills,” they are simply the latest iterations of the Democratic Party’s disdain for America’s energy producers

Why Robert Dudley's BP could be even riskier - Businessweek

Business | interns

New CEO plans to adopt high-risk strategy that turned Hayward into a pariah

Dudley set to succeed Hayward at BP - WSJ

Business | interns

BP board to discuss Hayward’s departure and replacement by Managing Director Robert Dudley; new appointee would be first American at top of the oil company

High number of oil and gas lobbyists held federal positions - WaPo

Politics | interns

Three out of every four lobbyists who represent oil and gas companies previously worked in the federal government

Tracking Chinese investment: western hemisphere now top target - THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION

Energy | interns

China has at least $2.5 trillion in foreign exchange and must, due to its own balance of payments rules, invest it all overseas

Obama and the politicization of a moral panic

Energy | Scott Erickson

In his address from the oval office on Tuesday, President Obama used his pulpit not to assuage the concerns of those suffering in the Gulf region but instead to take advantage of the situation and make the case for his own policy agenda

We landed on the moon; why can’t we plug the damn hole?

Energy | Richard Russell

Obama made the point that we will get to the energy future we want “[e]ven if we’re unsure exactly what that looks like. Even if we don’t yet know precisely how we’re going to get there.” That is clearly not how we got to the moon. It does seem to be how we are trying to plug the damn hole

BP exec: 'We care about the small people' - AP/Daily Caller

Energy | interns

BP announces $20 billion escrow account administered by Ken Feinberg to pay out claims to those impacted by the spill

What Obama didn’t tell us about energy

Energy | Hon. Ernest Istook

President Obama keeps trying to make our electric bills skyrocket. Now he’s seized on the BP fiasco as an excuse to do it

BP to attempt maneuver to stop oil leak - CNN

Energy | interns

An effort to plug the ruptured oil well that is spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico may halt the leak when oil giant BP tries it Sunday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Thursday

How to move forward after Gulf spill

Energy | David Holt

While you may hear over the next few weeks that it is easier to further limit domestic energy production in the U.S., remember that blocking new oil and gas exploration will only send more ocean tankers carrying foreign oil toward our coasts

Harnessing untapped energy by empowering Native Americans

Energy | Paul Moorehead

There are no better stewards of Indian lands than the Indians themselves. Dorgan’s bill authorizes the Interior Department to delegate to willing and able tribes the responsibilities of Federal officers under the National Environmental Protection Act

Snap judgment at oil spill hearing could lead to disaster of its own

Energy | Rep. Michael Burgess

Congress has a long history of overreacting to public tragedies with hasty legislation that—months or years later—we realize has unintended consequences (the latest health care reform law will no doubt fall into this category). We must be smart moving forward with energy legislation in light of this tragedy, because many times, even with the best intentions, Congress can do more harm than good

Safety and security: Both are essential

Energy | David Holt

We cannot accept even the rare accident as an inevitable byproduct of oil production. This debate must not be cast in terms of safety versus steady supply. We must have both, and with hard work, we can