Businesses Oppose Trudeau Nationalizing Pipeline Project

Energy | David Krayden
'Out of step with the future prosperity of Canada'

Here Is The SHOCKING BUT TRUE Story Of Big Oil's Hypocrisy About Ethanol

op-ed | Marc J. Rauch
Ethanol is still the best, safest, most powerful fuel to use in internal combustion engines

A New Oil Discovery On This Small Island Could ‘Supply 200,000 Barrels Per Day’

Energy | Audrey Conklin
Fracking great

We've Got Some New Sheriffs In Energy Town - And Their Names Are Oil And Gas

op-ed | David Williams
The economic benefits of energy investments extend to the whole nation.

Pipelines and Drilling And Energy, Oh My! Trump's Infrastructure Plan Looks Good For Business

op-ed | Craig Stevens
The Trump administration knows how to stimulate economic growth

Trump Moves Toward Drilling In Arctic Wildlife Refuge For First Time In 30 Years

Energy | Chris White
'It will allow for applicants to [submit] requests for new exploration plans'

Anti-Fossil Fuel Dem Begs Trump To Flood Oil Markets With Strategic Reserves

Energy | Chris White
'An immediate release ... would help protect consumers from price spikes'

Old Oil Wells Are The Next Big Producers

Energy | Tim Pearce
'The opportunity is tremendous'

Even A Divided Country Can Agree On This Economic Growth Plan

Opinion | Albert Wynn
We need to develop infrastructure to fully access America's vast supplies of domestic energy.

Venezuela Today, Saudi Arabia Tomorrow

Opinion | Keith Naughton
No state can postpone reckoning for its economic sins forever.

Report: Swearing Off Oil Assets Could Cost Pension Trillions

Energy | Chris White
'Investors ... suffer reduced returns and greater risk'

Major Exxon Investor Warns Shareholders Not To Give Into Global Warming Hysteria

Energy | Chris White
Shareholders get zeroed out

Offshore Energy Announcement A Win for America

Opinion | David Holt
Fully reversing course will not be an overnight process.

Trump's Interior Pick Says DC Had A 'Deaf Ear' During Obama-Era

Energy | Chris White
'there is distrust, anger, and even hatred against some federal management policies'

Let's Make Capitalism Cool Again

Opinion | Ron Hart
There's a new sheriff in town, bureaucrats.

Did Fossil Fuels Create Earth's Oxygen Supply?

Energy | Andrew Follett
Fossil fuel may have also triggered the creation of complex animal life

Russia Pivotal In Rex Tillerson's Nomination For Secretary Of State

Opinion | Ariel Cohen
The Trump Administration is likely to apply The Art of the Deal to foreign policy.

Report: Rockefellers Using 'Covert' Climate Crusade Against Exxon To Pad Wallets

Energy | Chris White
'merely opportunists'

Dakota Protesters: We'll 'Stand Up To Trump' If He Approves The DAPL

Energy | Chris White
'I will be here until the end and will stand up to Trump if he decides to approve the permit'

Trump's Interior Pick Supports Federal Ownership Of Western Land

Energy | Chris White
Opposes one of the major Republican Party's major planks

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