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Report: Exporting US crude oil could LOWER gas prices

Exxon gas station is pictured in Arlington

‘Consumers are among the first to benefit from free trade’

Texas now produces 35 percent of US crude oil

Chevron Corp assembles two ultramodern deepwater oil production platforms at a shipyard in Ingleside, Texas

‘Production gains … came largely from shales’

Oil production in the US reaches HIGHEST LEVEL in 24 years

A view of the Exxon Mobil refinery in Baytown, Texas

‘U.S. could be energy self-sufficient by the end of this decade’

Report: Obama can use executive powers to lift oil export ban

Obama addresses the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee in Washington
'A powerful message that America has the resources'

Oil fund makes ALL Norwegians millionaires

Jensen, leader of Norway's Fremskrittspartiet (Progress party), speaks to party members while waiting for the result of the general elections in Oslo

The government’s wealth fund grew to 5.11 trillion crowns, or $828 billion

Look who leads the world in oil production

Fracking A Closer Look.JPEG

‘Position looks secure for many years’

US surpasses Saudi Arabia as world's top oil supplier

An oil and gas drilling platform stands offshore as waves churned from Tropical Storm Karen come ashore in Dauphin Island, Alabama

Surge has upended the global oil trade

Forty years of OPEC manipulation

A pumpjack brings oil to the surface in the Monterey Shale

We need energy diversification, driven by energy independence, not an environmental agenda.

Obama attacked for favoring Middle Eastern oil over American oil

Obama US Kuwait.JPEG

‘Did I hear that correctly?’

Big corn hits back against Big oil

Farm Progress

Gen. Wesley Clark joins the battle

NYT: Oil companies paid the most in taxes - TheDCNF

Apple Stock.JPEG

Reviled by president, big three oil companies paid more than double the effective rates of Google, Apple and other Obama favorites

US energy boom undermines logic of Pentagon's alternative fuel subsidies

The Defense Department plays a key role in the Obama administration’s ‘green energy’ agenda.

'Gas Can Man' pays for Ohioans at the pump

(Getty Images)

Organizations campaign in Ohio for energy independence

Drunk broker boosted oil prices for eight months in 2009 - TheDCNF

Oil Changing Plains.JPEG

‘Mr. Perkins poses an extreme risk to the market when drunk’

Obama's Bain

It turns out that Obama does support venture capitalism when it supports his political purposes.

The Obama administration: Saving jobs, 20 electoral votes at a time

The administration recently saved 850 jobs by sidestepping environmental regulations and cozying up to Big Oil.

Gulf coast oil platforms and rigs being evacuated - TheDCNF


Issac is expected to hit Louisiana as a Category 2 hurricane

Greenpeace activists storm oil rig - TheDCNF

Brazil Oil Spill.JPEG

Protest meets little resistance from oil workers

As offshore oil lags, so does the economy

The Obama administration is hurting the economy by holding back the oil industry.

In North Dakota, an economic boom

The Flickertail State’s economy is growing rapidly, thanks to a flourishing oil and natural gas industry.