Oklahoma's GOP Primary To Fill NASA Chief's Congressional Seat Moves To Runoff

Politics | Tim Pearce

Oklahoma Becomes 30th State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Health | Tim Pearce
The high point of the year

Oklahoma Becomes First State In US To Regulate Coal Ash Disposal

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'Leading the way ... '

Two Universities Win Lawsuit Against 'Abortion Pill Mandate'

Education | Grace Carr
'Commitment to the sanctity of life'

Government Wastes $1 Million Renting Building With Leaky Roof

US | Thomas Phippen
'Mold contamination, roof and window leaks'

Pro-Life Oklahoma Firefighters Give Sexy Summer Calendar A Run For Its Money

US | Grace Carr
'Save babies and their moms'

There Have Been Five Successful Or Attempted Mass Shootings In The Past 9 Days

US | Anders Hagstrom

Mother Arrested For Stabbing 11-Year-Old Daughter And Lighting Her House On Fire

US | Nick Givas
'It's moving very fast and we have a traumatized witness'

Mary Fallin Vetoed Oklahoma's 'Constitutional Carry' Bill And The NRA Is Up In Arms

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
'Temporary setback'

Kansas And Oklahoma Defend Religious Adoption Agencies, Pass Bill Allowing Them To Veto LGBT Couples

US | Joshua Gill
'Activist groups who don't like certain religious beliefs'

Gay Groups Call Oklahoma Adoption Bill Discriminatory

US | Terry Haynes
Gay parents need not apply

Worst Wildfires In A Decade Rip Through Oklahoma, Killing Two

Energy | Tim Pearce
'A real threat to public safety'

Pruitt Was 'Kicked Out' Of Lobbyist's Apartment

Politics | Robert Donachie
He really landed himself in the hot seat

Top Pruitt Aide Steps Down

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'She is obviously one of Pruitt’s most trusted people'

Here's Why Oklahoma Teachers Are Still Walking Out After Getting $6,000 Raise

Education | Rob Shimshock
'My niece sits on the floor in her middle school English class'

Oklahoma Will Now Gas Criminals To Death

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Pass out in 15 seconds

Lawmaker Plans To Change How Pastors Pray Before Legislators Because There Are Too Many Christian Sermons

US | Joshua Gill
'Discriminatory practices'

Mother And Daughter Shoot An Armed Robber Out Of Their Liquor Store -- Then He Came Back

US | Anders Hagstrom
'We're not going to be victims'

University Disinvites Creationist Speaker After LGBTQ Pressure

Education | Rob Shimshock
'So much for 'toleration''

FBI Arrests Saudi Arabia Man For Lying About Trying To Join Al-Qaeda

US | Amber Randall
He tried to join at 17

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