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Big tobacco stubs out e-cigarette competitors

A customer is assisted by a salesperson

As electronic cigarette market heats up, R.J. Reynolds teams up with health nannies to stifle smaller rivals

New face of GOP: T.W. Shannon, first black speaker of OK Statehouse, moving fast

Shannon DC photo

Sooner in spotlight at CPAC

Father allegedly abused son after rooting for OK-State over Oklahoma

Oklahoma St Oklahoma Football

Don’t tell Gannon Mendez it’s just a game

Groups rank the states based on anti-abortion records - TheDC

Pro- and anti-abortion activists square off. Getty Images.

Check out which states came in at the top and the bottom

Okla. district judge sentences teen to 10 years of church attendance


ACLU up in arms over sentencing: ‘A clear violation of the Constitution’

Who wrote all those secession petitions? [VIDEO] - TheDC

Constitutional contrarians from Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma step up to explain themselves

Supreme Court won't review 'personhood' ballot measure - Reuters

The Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds, File)

Oklahoma ballot measure would define an embryo as a human being from the moment of conception

Why the Oklahoma GOP delegate dispute matters to you

Ron Paul supporters argue that the state GOP’s May convention was rigged against them.

Would Jesus cheer for ruthless 'Christian' beat-downs? - TheDC

Fight Church

Documentary explores unorthodox interpretation of ‘actually living out your faith’

'Christian' publisher fires 25 workers after one gripes about outsourcing - TheDC

Ryan Tate

Publisher administers bizarre collective punishment, gives condescending speech [AUDIO]

Oklahoma GOP continues national trend of disenfranchising Paul supporters

What really happened at least week’s infamous Oklahoma GOP Convention.

Romney, Paul supporters brawl at Oklahoma GOP convention - TheDC

‘We’re told the police had to get involved when a 70-year-old Mitt Romney supporter punched a Ron Paul supporter in the head’

Super Tuesday preview: 419 delegates up for grabs - TheDC


Busiest day yet of 2012 GOP primary may help seal fate of the anti-Romney

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein: The best and worst case scenarios on Super Tuesday

Republican Debate

What Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul can expect

Oklahoma State hands No. 2 Mizzou 2nd loss, 79-72 - AP

Missouri Oklahoma St Basketball.JPEG

Fans rush Gallagher-Iba Arena court to celebrate big upset

One bad ass mother - TheDC

Bad Ass Mother

Mother asks police dispatcher permission to shoot intruders to protect her infant son

Wins endorsements from Bob Dole, newspapers

Mitt Romney

Des Moines Regiser, The Oklahoman, former presidential candidate: Romney the one

Obama 'can't wait' for 8 minutes worth of spending cuts - TheDC


A 20 percent cut in travel would save the government about eight minutes of total federal spending

As conferences realign, many college rivalries torn up - USA TODAY

Florida LSU Football.JPEG

Many big time college football rivalries torn up as conferences reconfigure

Oklahoma's lone Democratic Rep. not running again, former Rep. enters race - TheDC

Dan Boren

Conservative Democrat Dan Boren has decided not to run again in 2012