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House Votes To Eliminate Internet Tax Forever

Amazon CEO Bezos discusses his company's new Fire smartphone in Seattle, Washington

‘Prevents a surprise tax hike on Americans’

Laffer: E-Commerce Sales Taxes Could Boost State Economies

Art Laffer

Favors cutting other taxes

Online sales tax bill may be dead on arrival in House - TheDCNF

ATR President Grover Norquist speaking with reporters in Washington, D.C. AP Photo.

But proponents take heart from GOP divisions

Outcry against online sales tax mounts as Senate votes to proceed

Online Sales Taxes

‘If Enzi’s bill becomes law, fairness goes up in smoke’

Online sales tax overwhelmingly passes cloture vote - TheDCNF

Online Sales Tax_Welc

Bill supported by brick-and-mortar retailers purports to bring ‘marketplace fairness’

EBay leverages users to oppose online sales tax legislation - TheDCNF


‘Marketplace Fairness Act’ would allow states to tax online transactions all over the country

Retailers gather in Washington to ask Congress for action on online sales tax

Amazon Sales Taxes

‘If we’re absolutely committed to small business, it’s time’

Conservative groups split on online sales tax bill - TheDCNF

Grover Norquist

One side appeals to Bill Buckley, the other Grover Norquist

Lawmakers warn to keep online sales tax separate bill

Earns Amazon

Internet tax bill could be folded into comprehensive reforms

Conservative group warns of online sales tax 'unintended consequences' - TheDCNF

online shipments

‘The software needed to comply with these thousands of tax rules barely exists’

Online sales tax gets reintroduced to Congress - TheDCNF

Sales taxes

The idea is gaining bipartisan support

Online sales tax may have impacted Amazon sales during holidays - TheDCNF


‘There was a little softness in states where Amazon is now collecting sales tax’

Governors ask Congress for online sales tax authority - TheDCNF

Jeb Bush

‘The stars are finally aligning in our favor for passage’

Online sales tax to be added to defense authorization bill - TheDCNF


GOP senator calls it ‘the most overlooked tax loophole’

Online sales tax actually good for small business, proponents claim - TheDCNF

Amazon Sales Taxes

Automation will streamline processes, not burden retailers

Online sales tax divides Republicans - TheDCNF


Sen. DeMint calls the tax ‘taxation without representation’

Amazon to begin collecting Indiana sales tax in 2014 - TheDC

California Budget

Shopping mall owner had sued Indiana government to force agreement with online giant

Calif. governor signs compromise on Internet taxes - AP

Internet Sales Tax Calfornia

A 1992 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a case involving a mail-order retailer says a business must only collect state tax from customers if it has a physical presence in the state where they live

Amazon fights online state sales tax in New York - LAT

California Budget

Retail giant to fight against online state sales taxes in New York voter referendum